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Already know the name of the KI furniture you’re interested in? Simply click on the appropriate letter to quickly find the listing. Within each product page, you’ll find a wealth of information such as image galleries, product downloads, CAD/Revit symbols and more.

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Activ8 Electrical System
Activ8 Electrical System  Activ8 is a UL 962 recognized component that allows up to eight duplex power modules to be connected to one standard 15-amp power cord.
Affina Bariatric Chair
Affina Bariatric Chair  The Affina bariatric chair offers sophisticated design and supportive comfort. Specified within the comprehensive Affina collection, the Affina bariatric chair supports a seamless, elegant aesthetic throughout a space.

Affina Guest Chair
Affina Guest Chair 

Affina guest seating offers a handcrafted quality with functional appeal.

Affina Hip Chair
Affina Hip Chair  The Affina hip chair offers an elevated seat and foot rest to provide a comfortable seating solution for patients recovering from hip or knee surgeries.
Affina Lounge Seating
Affina Lounge Seating 

Affina lounge seating offers contemporary and highly customizable design, all with consistent visual expression.

Affina Multiple Seating
Affina Multiple Seating  Affina multiple seating offers an elegant statement from the first impressions of a waiting room and all throughout the functional spaces of a facility.
Affina Occasional Tables
Affina Occasional Tables  Affina occasional tables effuse elegance through simplicity in design. Versatile in form, Affina tables are a perfect complement within any environment.
Affina Patient Chair
Affina Patient Chair 

The Affina patient chair offers vital respite along the path to patient recovery.

Affina Recliners
Affina Recliners 

Affina recliners offer a supportive and intuitive solution for patient care.

Affina Sleepers
Affina Sleepers 

Designed with patients, family, and staff in mind.

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