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Giving Employees a Choice

Choice-based work supports both assigned workspace for each person, or one person to one desk. Yet it also provides access to a variety of other spaces that support different work styles—spaces for ideation, focus, interaction, and regeneration—integrated holistically into the overall workplace design.

By thinking about choice-based design now, you could help position your organization for future flexibility, while offering your employees the variety of spaces they need throughout their workday.

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One Size Does Not Fit All
One Size Does Not Fit All

These are just some of the many trends and challenges in workplace design today:

  • Need for more flexibility in how, when and where employees work
  • Accommodating needs of a multi-generational workforce
  • Expectations of the newer workforce
  • Attraction and retention of employees
  • Lower real estate costs for corporate footprint
  • Accommodating corporate expansion
  • Rise of contracted or temp workers
  • Increase of coworking options

of workplace strategists believe the choice-based environment will become more prevalent in the coming years


The average space utilization rates hover around 40–50% in most organizations.


Across all sectors, 38 percent of corporate executives expect their remote employees to continue to work two or more days a week away from the office.* Source: McKinsey Global Institute

4 Things to Consider
4 Things to Consider

Consider these idea starters when planning your approach to workplace design:

  1. How should you allocate space, if it is utilized less than 50% of the time? Average utilization is 40–50% in most organizations.
  2. How will your workplace accommodate the workforce of tomorrow (contract, temporary and remote) and also support the return to the office by full-time employees?
  3. Does your workplace meet the needs of employees at all tenures and life stages?
  4. Does your workplace design reflect the culture of your organization?


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The idea of choice-based work may be relatively new, but it’s not going away. Download our latest white paper to learn more.

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