Assembly and Maintenance

After your products are delivered and all the packaging is unwrapped, that's when the real fun begins! The following instructional materials will help you understand how to assemble, operate and maintain your product to optimize its duration in your space. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-424-2432 or

Care and Maintenance Instructions

KI products require minimal maintenance. Review these care and maintenance instructions to understand the best methods of maintaining the appearance, finish, and function of your product. View care and maintenance instructions >

Operation Videos

Intuitive operation is a hallmark of good design. View this playlist to see how powered and other adjustable products operate. View operation videos >

Assembly Instructions

For products that require assembly onsite, these instructions will help you understand how to build your product. View assembly instructions >

Parts Diagrams

Detailed parts diagrams are available to help you identify parts in need of repair or replacement. View parts diagrams >

Disassembly Instructions (end of life recycling)

We make it a priority to produce sustainable furniture. When a product's lifecycle comes to an end, it can be disassembled and recycled instead of dumped in a landfill. View disassembly instructions >