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Order Status


Find your order acknowledgement, shipping and tracking information, invoice and more via our Order Status website:  Simply create your account and find the answers you need, when you need them.

To create an account, you will need:

  • Email address
  • KI customer number
  • PO number or Order number (6-digits)

On the Welcome Screen, select Register, then Create a New Account. Using your 6-digit KI order number or your specific Purchase Order (PO) number, you can review information regarding your order. 

Click the “How to Search/Sort” link in the upper right corner for a quick tour and helpful suggestions on how to use the site. Review the Frequently Asked Questions on the right-hand side of each page for additional information.

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Click the (+) sign
  3. Click the Acknowledgements tab

Then click View or Email to retrieve a copy of your acknowledgement. 

Once your order has been processed, you may view and share your order acknowledgment. 

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Click the (+) sign
  3. Click the Delivery Schedules tab

Then click the PDF link to view your delivery schedule. 

The delivery schedule provides a detailed breakdown of when your product will deliver. It also details which KI manufacturing center it shipped from, who the carrier is, and delivery contact information. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are receiving a sizable shipment, our customer service team will contact you directly to coordinate the delivery schedule. All other shipments will automatically be assigned a delivery schedule.

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Click the (+) sign
  3. Click the ASN tab

Then click the link. A pop-up window will appear for you to enter your email address. You will receive an automated email notice when your order ships.

The report will include carton information, carrier name, tracking number(s), and details for any future shipments with delivery address(es).

  1. Go to Shipments
  2. Click the (+) sign
  3. Click Packing List

Then you will see all packing lists for the order you entered. Each packing list is linked for you to view. 

The packing list is a consolidated listing of cartons and skids associated with each order line. Please note there may be multiple packing lists per order.

  1. Go to Invoices
  2. Click the (+) sign
  3. Click Invoice

Then enter the order number for the invoice you wish to view. In the results that appear, click the (+) sign, click Invoice, then click View or Email to retrieve a copy of your invoice. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your invoice will be available to view only after your order has shipped, and you will also receive a hard copy in the mail. Your order acknowledgement is no longer available once the order ships, but the invoice will contain order details arranged by shipment(s).

Please contact the KI Helpdesk at 920-468-2198 or

The Order Status website is updated every 30 minutes. If you have questions about your order or wish to make any changes, please call our dedicated customer service department at 800-424-2432 or email us at

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