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Furniture design—crafting the elements that make up the spaces where work, learning and life can happen—can really only be about one thing: the people who will interact with and rely on that furniture within their environment. At KI, that’s what drives our design philosophy. We’re here to help you create products and spaces that are specific to you, designed around the people you serve.


All too often, product features outweigh functional merit. Shifting the focus from what a product is, to what it does and who it serves, dramatically alters its value.

- Tim Hornberger, vice president of design & development, KI


From our very first product to the award-winning designs of today, KI has been solving for the needs of our customers and end users.

Pillars of KI’s Design Philosophy

It’s your environment. Your brand. Your people. That’s what we design for.
It’s your environment. Your brand. Your people. That’s what we design for.

Human-centered design is the heart of our design philosophy. It’s an approach built on empathy and understanding. Getting to know your specific needs—who will use the space, and how they’ll interact with it—then tailoring your environment to meet those needs.  And it results in better solutions, because they’re designed for the very people you’re intending to serve.


Our design philosophy in action.

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