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As a people-centered organization, we believe building a strong workplace culture at KI is critical to our ongoing success. With a shared purpose and mutual understanding of individual work styles, KI life is shaped by a healthy culture of support and respect. And when we truly care about each other and support the full person, it shows in our work.

Explore a few recent events within employee life at KI.

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Fun at Work

Work doesn't always need to feel like work! At KI, we believe great things happen when we create a welcoming, fun, and engaging environment for our employees.
Note: The events below are hosted at our corporate headquarters in Green Bay, Wis. Events and activities at other locations may vary.

Angela Koltz.png

KI really cares about work-life balance. My manager and team members support me both personally and professionally, and it makes such a difference in how I approach my career here. I love KI life.

- Angela Koltz, digital marketing manager, KI

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