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Spin the Standard

Sometimes, a standard product just doesn't offer the fit, finish or function you desire or require for your space. We get it! At KI, we welcome the opportunity to “modify” or customize our standard product solutions. Our Modified Products Team is uniquely positioned to support the special details of your request. Read on to learn more about our tried-and-true process and be inspired by the exclusive solutions we've designed as modified products. 

If you are looking for a totally unique product solution beyond product modification, check out our co-created products.

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The Mod Prod Process

A positive experience and a beautiful solution

Through years of experience, we have developed a process for modified products that works for our customers, every time. The continuum below describes the basic steps in this process.

Customer Engagement

You reach out to your KI sales specialist with a need or an idea. Your sales specialist then brings the request to our Modified Products Team. 


We review your requirements and ideate solutions with you, your sales specialist and our Modified Products Team. 

Solution Review

We present to you a design concept. This phase may have several rounds to ensure the best solution for your needs.

Trusted Expertise

What makes our process unique?


We take a strategic approach.

With years of experience in supporting modified products and custom options, we carefully consider each request and strategically design a solution to satisfy your goals. Because at KI, we understand that even the smallest design change could provide the greatest aesthetic impact.


We manage and minimize risks.

We offer strategic expertise in effectively managing cost, timelines and other risk factors. Our facilities are extremely flexible and reconfigurable to ensure efficiency and easily accommodate non-standard product requests in any quantity and nearly any degree of modification.

Common Modifications

Our team loves hearing your ideas for product modification! Here are a few of our most common requests.


Non-standard heights and surface sizes can be seamlessly integrated.

Image shows modifed Athens table built with a lower height for use as an occasional table.


Unique shapes can be built to support the design requirements of your space and your people. 

Image shows a modified Ruckus worktable with a specially-designed clover worksurface shape. 


Surface materials and substrates can be swapped for standard materials to give your design a unique look.

Image shows custom honeycomb glass used on Genius architectural walls.


Personalize your furniture design with custom colors for high impact and/or to match the tones of other materials used in your space.

Learn more about our color match program.

Image shows Doni guest chairs with uniquely-specified Pantone colors.


Power Integration
Power Integration

Computer labs, lecture halls and the like often have unique needs for power management. We know the drill.

Image shows modified Backbone media platform for a high-tech learning space. 


Integrating your company or school logo not only creates a striking aesthetic but is also an effective way to connect your community with your unique brand.

Download our Intellectual Property Authorization form.

Image shows school logo applied to Concerto auditorium seating.


Modified Product Spotlight

Learn2 Junior Seating

Significantly smaller than our standard Learn2, Learn2 Junior shifts the focus to younger students. The smaller scale provides better comfort and easier movement so that a “little” can go a long way.

Tour the Gallery

Browse a selection of modified product solutions developed by our Infinity From KI team. 

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