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Dynamic Leaders Driving KI Success

The KI Leadership team articulates and refines our company mission, values, and objectives, ensuring alignment across all levels of the organization.

Together, their visionary leadership and decision-making play a critical role in ensuring the success of KI for employee owners, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities we call home.

Meet the Leadership Team

Seven individuals, each with unique knowledge and experiences, comprise the KI Leadership Team. 

Brian Krenke
President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Krenke was named chief executive officer in 2018. He has more than 30 years of experience at KI and has served in leadership roles throughout various departments, including sales, product management, vertical markets, and marketing. He was instrumental in transitioning KI to an employee-owned organization and has helped forge partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta, cementing KI's standing as a premier partner in the industry.


Tony Besasie
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Tony Besasie joined KI in 2023. He has nearly 30 years of experience leading growth initiatives through marketing, sales, business strategy, and brand promotion. As chief sales and marketing officer, Tony is dedicated to promoting a culture of growth and innovation, while maintaining KI's reputation for producing high-quality furniture solutions and providing top-notch service to its customers.

Nick Guerrieri
Chief Financial Officer

Nick Guerrieri was named chief financial officer of KI in 2018, and has been a part of the KI team since 1997. Nick was an integral part of the team that helped KI transition to an employee-owned company, leading the debt refinancing initiative that retired all former shareholder debt.

Barb Streubel
Chief Information Officer

Barb Streubel began her career in IT in 1995 as a contract programmer at KI. She worked her way up through the organization, being named chief information officer in 2014. Barb and her team have been instrumental in leading new technology initiatives that help solidify KI's reputation for excellence with customers and partners in the industry. Her leadership style is rooted in empathy, compassion, and trust, and she values every member of her team.

Tom Abrahamson
Vice President of Manufacturing Operations  

Tom Abrahamson oversees KI manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada as well as the company's Supply Chain Management and Electronic Library. He joined KI in 1995 as a Manufacturing Engineer and has held various leadership positions, including operations manager and general manager of the Manitowoc facility. Tom was instrumental in leading the Manitowoc facility through a period of tremendous growth and helped establish a culture of continuous improvement that permeates the entire organization.

Beth Relich
Vice President of Human Resources

As vice president of human resources, Beth is responsible for evaluating KI's people-related business strategy and attracting and retaining top talent. Her strong problem-solving skills and collaborative approach have been key to her success during her 35 years of experience at KI. Her diverse background includes roles in engineering, manufacturing HR, data management, sales operations strategic improvement, and IT business analysis.

Mark Haubenschild
President & Chief Executive Officer of Spacesaver

Mark is the president and chief executive officer of Spacesaver Corporation, a division of KI, and was named to KI's leadership team in 2021. He has been with Spacesaver since 1982. He has a motivational management style and a strong track record of coaching and developing senior-level managers to engage with and meet Spacesaver's objectives. He is also an innovator, with two product patents specific to high-density storage to his name.

Meet Our Board

In addition to our internal leadership team, KI is also fortunate to have some of the brightest minds and most experienced business leaders in Northeastern Wisconsin as members of our KI corporate board.

View Our Board Members


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