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Infinity from KI: Explore the Endless Possibilities

Explore the Endless Possibilities

If standard furniture options just aren't working for you and you need an "outside the box" solution, look to Infinity from KI.

We understand your desire to put a "signature" on your space. At KI, we are uniquely positioned to bring your vision to life through our Infinity process. Whether you want to modify an existing KI product or create something totally from scratch, we can help.

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So what exactly is Infinity from KI?
And what can you do with it?
Simply put: It's a process.

Infinity from KI is a tried-and-true way for the KI team to engage with you to design and build the furniture you want and need -- personalized for your brand, your employees, your space.



A Focus on Your Wellbeing
And the options are endless. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Perhaps you like a standard KI product but you want to change a feature that we may not consider "standard" for that product. That's okay; we can do it! Or, perhaps you want to change everything about the product and create a totally new product. We can do that, too.

Infinity From KI in Action

Ignite your inspiration here!
Explore the following projects and product solutions made possible by Infinity from KI.

Northwestern Mutual 

Learn how agile workspaces enabled user control, increased employee engagement and made employees feel at home.

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery 

At WID, we invited collaboration and transparency to research and sciences. With custom solutions, nothing is off-limits.

E-Commerce Headquarters 

Reconfigurable workspaces meant everything for this large business environment that's constantly changing. KI helped achieve this and more.

Large Software Developer 

Through rapid prototyping and custom design, KI was able to make this client's dreams come true with a truly fluid work environment.

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