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Rights & Warranties

Following are product warranties for current KI products. You may also view warranties for discontinued KI products.

Please note: The following KI product warranty applies to products manufactured on or after November 1, 2019 and manufactured and/or distributed from a KI manufacturing site. This warranty is given to the initial purchaser and is valid for as long as the initial purchaser owns the product. The warranty, which runs from the date of manufacture, covers defects in materials and craftsmanship found during normal usage of the products during the warranty period. If a product is defective, and if written notice of the defect is given to KI within the applicable warranty period, KI at its option will either repair or replace the defective product with a comparable component or product, or provide a refund of the purchase price. KI reserves the right to determine labor method used during replacement of product.  The Lifetime Warranty applies regardless of the number of shifts the product is used each day, unless specified as an exception. All non-lifetime product warranties are a single 8 hour shift per day unless otherwise noted. KI products are not intended or warranted for outdoor use unless specifically stated for outdoor use.

For your convenience, download our PDF of Terms, Conditions, Rights, Warranties.


Refer to KI Care and Maintenance Instructions.

Butcher Block Wood 15 years
Fabrics (includes all Woven, Polyurethane, Vinyl and Leather) -
KI In-Grades and Pallas Textiles (excluding those below)
3 years
Laminate HPL - high pressure laminate (excluding markerboard)  15 years
Laminate LPL - thermally fused laminate 5 years
Markerboard Laminate 3 years
Mesh 15 years
Pallas Haven, Pallas Juggernaut, and Pallas Lull 5 years
Removable Fabric Covers (fabric, zippers and optional nylon handles) 3 years
Phenolic Resin 15 years
Seamless Surface Membrane Press 15 years
Sure-Chek Moisture Barrier 3 years
Veneer 15 years
All Terrain Screens Lifetime
Cable Management - Vertical Cable Manager 15 years
Casters 15 years
CPU Holders 15 years
Electrical Components - 4-Port, 4-Trac System, Activ8, Byrne Interlink® System, Byrne Sequence®, Isle Power Tower, Layer Power Tower, Pattern System, Qi, Undermount R8, USB Charger, Power Modules (Ashley Duo, Dean, Dean® Qi, Dubbel, Mini-Tap, Nacre, Node, PowerUp, Snap-in RPT, Villa) 15 years
Foam 15 years
Glides (excluding Felt) 15 years
Glides - Felt 1 year
Keyboard Mechanisms 5 years
Lighting 5 years
Monitor Arms 15 years
Pneumatic Cylinder (except Cafeteria at 5 years) 12 years
Ruckus Totes and Tote Rails 5 years
Tablet Arm 15 years
Tattoo Screens Lifetime
Universal Screens 10 years
Worksurface Embedded Storage (Smart Lift) 5 years
Zoetry Screens Lifetime
Benching System
Connection Zone Lifetime
Cafeteria Folding Tables
CafeWay (except pneumatic) 15 years
Uniframe (except pneumatic) 15 years
Uniframe Tops with "Perfect Edge" Lifetime
Pneumatic for CafeWay and Uniframe 5 years
Aristotle (excludes laminate) Lifetime
Aristotle Laminate - LPL - thermally fused laminate 5 years
Likha (limited) 12 years
700 Series Desk Lifetime
Instruct Lifetime
Intellect Wave 15 years
Ruckus 15 years
True Lifetime
Workzone Lifetime
Caddies - Seating 15 years
Caddies - Tables 15 years
Files and Storage
(Storage warranties exclude drawer slides at 15 years)  
Drawer Slides 15 years
700 Series Files and Storage Lifetime
All Terrain Lifetime
Balance Lifetime
Bobbr Lifetime
Connection Zone Storage Lifetime
MyPlace Curved Shelving 15 years
Ruckus Storage 15 years
Universal Overhead Lifetime
U Series Lifetime
Folding Chairs
Folding Chairs 5 years
Institutional Seating/Tables
DuraLite 5 years
ValueLite 5 years
Library Furniture
CrossRoads 15 years
Markerboards (vertical dry-erase surfaces)
Connection Zone Mobile Screen 5 years
Ruckus Whiteboards - dry-erase surface 5 years
Ruckus Whiteboards - mobile cart and accessories 15 years
All Other Markerboards 5 years
Occasional Tables
Affina Lifetime
Calida Lifetime
C-Table 15 years
Flex Lifetime
Hub Lifetime
Lyra Lifetime
MyPlace Lifetime
MyWay Lifetime
Sela Lifetime
Soltice Lifetime
Soltice Metal Lifetime
Sway Lifetime
Zoetry Lifetime
Patient Room Seating
Affina Bariatric Chair Lifetime
Affina Recliner (excludes central locking caster mechanism, recliner mechanism, heat/massage and USB components) Lifetime*
Affina Sleepers (excludes sleeper mechanism) Lifetime
LaResta Daybed (excludes daybed mechanism) Lifetime
Soltice Bariatric Chair Lifetime
Soltice Metal Bariatric Chair Lifetime
Soltice Recliner (excludes central locking caster mechanism, recliner mechanism, heat/massage and USB components) Lifetime*
Soltice Sleeper (excludes sleeper mechanism) Lifetime
Glider Mechanism 10 years
Recliner Central Locking Caster Mechanisms 5 years
Recliner Mechanism 10 years
Recliner Heat/Massage and USB Components 2 years
Sleeper and Daybed Mechanisms 5 years
Zoetry Bariatric Guest Seating Lifetime
Zoetry Bariatric Lounge Seating Lifetime
WiggleRoom Pod (excludes ceiling light, occupancy indicator LED light bulb, dimmer switch, fans, carpet, door closer mechanism and motion sensor) 10 years
WiggleRoom Stool 10 years
WiggleRoom Super Structure (excludes ceiling light, fan, wireless light switch and wireless motion sensor) 10 years
Ceiling light, occupancy indicator LED light bulb, dimmer switch, fans, carpet, door closer mechanism and motion sensor 1 year
Residence Hall Furniture
RoomScape Lifetime
Mattresses 1 year
600 Series 15 years
Affina Guest Chair Lifetime
Affina Lounge Seating Lifetime
Affina Multiple Seating Lifetime
Altus (24/7 usage) 15 years
Apply Stack 15 years
Apply Task 15 years
Calida Lifetime
Concerto Auditorium Seating 15 years
Diem 15 years
Doni Guest 15 years
Doni Stack 15 years
Doni Tandem 15 years
Doni Task Chair (24/7 usage) 15 years
Doni Task Stool 15 years
Gladly Lifetime
Grazie Stack 15 years
Grazie Tandem 15 years
Grazie Task Chair (24/7 usage) 15 years
Grazie Task Stool 15 years
Hub Lifetime
Imaginasium Blocks & Blips 15 years
Impress Guest 15 years
Impress Task 15 years
Impress Ultra 15 years
Impress Ultra Guest 15 years
Intellect Wave Classroom Seating 15 years
Intellect Wave Task 15 years
Jessa Lifetime
Jubilee Lifetime
Jury Base 15 years
Katera 15 years
Lancaster Auditorium Seating 15 years
Learn2 Classroom Seating 15 years
LimeLite 15 years
Lyra Lifetime
Maestro 15 years
Medical and Laboratory Stools 15 years
MyPlace Lifetime
MyWay Lifetime
Neena Bench 15 years
Oath Task 15 years
Opt4 15 years
Pilot (24/7 usage) 15 years
Promenade - indoor 15 years
Promenade - outdoor 3 years
Ricochet 15 years
Ruckus Classroom Seating 15 years
Ruckus Stack 15 years
Ruckus Task Chair 15 years
Sela Lifetime
Seminar Tables 15 years
Sequence 15 years
Sequence HD 15 years
Sift Guest 15 years
Sift Task 15 years
Signia (24/7 usage) 15 years
Single Pedestal 15 years
Soltice Guest Lifetime
Soltice Metal Guest Lifetime
Soltice Lounge Lifetime
Soltice Metal Lounge Lifetime
Soltice Multiple Seating Lifetime
Soltice Metal Multiple Seating Lifetime
Strive Stack 15 years
Strive Tandem 15 years
Strive Task 15 years
Sway Lifetime
Torsion Air Stack 15 years
Torsion Air Task 15 years
Torsion on the Go! 15 years
University 15 years
Zoetry Bench Lifetime
Zoetry Guest Lifetime
Zoetry Lounge Lifetime
Zoetry Tandem Lifetime
StudioWorks Lifetime
System 3000 Lifetime
Trellis Lifetime
Unite Lifetime
WireWorks Lifetime
Tables (Contract)
Athens Lifetime
Barron Lifetime
Backbone Lifetime
DataLink System Lifetime
Enlite Lifetime
Flatscreen Garage (excludes worksurface embedded storage) Lifetime
Genesis - Fixed Lifetime
Genesis - Height Adjustable 5 years
InTandem Lifetime
Intellect Activity Table Lifetime
Pillar Lifetime
Pirouette (includes Pirouette HA) Lifetime
Portico Lifetime
Ruckus Activity Table 15 years
Ruckus Worktable 15 years
Serenade Lifetime
Smart Lift (excludes worksurface embedded storage) Lifetime
Stout Tables 15 years
Toggle - Fixed Lifetime
Toggle - Height Adjustable 10 years
Trek Lifetime
WorkUp - Fixed Lifetime
WorkUp - Height Adjustable 5 years
Evoke 10 years
Genius 10 years
Lightline 10 years


This warranty does not cover:

  • Failure resulting from normal wear and tear which is to be expected over the course of ownership, including but not limited to: scratching, natural variations/movement of butcher block wood tops, bowing/cupping of butcher block tops due to environmental conditions during transit and/or at site, or ghosting on markerboard surfaces.
  • Any misuse, abuse or modification of the original product voids the warranty.
  • Damage caused by carrier.
  • Products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage.
  • Alterations to product not expressly authorized by KI, nor to products considered to be of a consumable nature such as bulbs, light ballasts, and surge suppression products.
  • Replacement parts are covered for two years or the balance of the original warranty, whichever is longer.
  • Failure to apply, install, reconfigure, or maintain products according to published KI planning, assembly, cleaning instructions, or user guides.
  • Customer's Own Material (i.e., material supplied by the Customer or procured by KI on behalf of the client that is not a standard KI product offering) used in the manufacture of KI products.
  • Natural variations in wood grain; changes in surface finishes, including colorfastness, due to aging or exposure to light; matching of color, grain or texture, except to within commercially acceptable standards.
  • Wrinkles, marks or scars occurring naturally in leather.
  • Discoloration or deterioration of all surface materials due to soiling, stains, dye transfer from clothing (including denim) or
    cleaning agents (refer to KI’s Care & Maintenance Instruction documents).
  • Fabric properties including, but not limited to aging, colorfastness, shade variations, pilling, puddling/wrinkling or abrasions of textiles.


  • Warranties and exceptions listed in the Accessories / Components section will apply to all applicable product warranties.
  • Modified (non-standard) product has a one year warranty, unless the change is only cosmetic. If the product is modified due to a cosmetic change, the warranty is the same as the "base" product.
  • Third Party Supplied Product (KI shall pass along any warranty it receives with respect to other manufacturer's products).
  • Modification to U.L. Listed products eliminates the listing.
  • KI reserves the right to request that product be returned for inspection prior to granting a remedy.
  • KI will not be liable for consequential, economic (including loss of time or inconvenience), or incidental damages arising from any product defect.
  • International Warranties may differ.

Except as stated above, KI makes no express or implied warranties as to any product and in particular makes no warranty of fitness for any particular use. At KI's option, product repair, replacement, or refund of purchase price is the customer's exclusive remedy for any and all product defects.

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