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Discontinued Products

LaResta, La Resta, Daybed, Day Bed, Aristotle, Casegoods, Affina, Hip, Chair, Patient, Chair, Emissary, Folding, Table, Heritage, Hiatus, Sleeper, Bench, Soltice, Metal, Patient, Chair, Soltice, Patient, Chair, 800, Series, Industrial, Stool, Stools, Matrix, FourC, Wireless, Charging, Module, Oxford, Hurry, Hurry Up!, Up!, Up, Table, Tables, Arissa, Lounge, Seating, Chair, Bariatric, Enlite, Premier, Folding, Table, Tea, Cup, Lounge, Seating, Torsion, Stack, Chair, Seating, Torsion, Task, Stool, Torsion, Task, Chair, Torsion, Tandem, Multiple, Torsion, Shell, Fixed, Seating, Avail, Task, Chair, Flat, Screen, Garage, Perth, Guest, Chair, Perth, Sleeper, Perth, Recliner, Recliners, Perth, Gliders, Versa, Cafe, Stool, Conference, Chair, Standard, Stack, Chair, XL, Extra, Large, Extol, Auditorium, Seating, Front, Row, Seats, Seat, Affina, Soltice, Glider, Perth, Multiple, Seating, Bariatric, Patient, Chair, Silhouette, Stack, Chair, Rapture, Cafe, Stool, Stack, Chair, Dante, Casegood, Casegoods, Ivy, League, Classroom, Desk, Desks, Series, 10, ST, Stool, Stools, Connection, Zone, Privacy, Booth, Voyant, Voz, Task, Guest, Rose, Patient, Chair, Neena, Bench, Bantam, Design, Line, 100, Series, 700, Series, Itoki, DP, Guest, Chair, Folding, Chair, 05, 5, Auditorium, Folding, Chair, 300, Series, Folding, Chair, Xylon, Stack, Chair, Versa, Basic, Chair, Wharton, Lectern, 1000 Series, Stack Chair, 200 Series, Boss Design, Lounge Seating, 360 Degree, Classroom Furniture, 400 Series, Boss Design, Lounge Seating, 600 Series, Boss Design, Lounge Chair, 6000 Series, Stack Chairs, 6100 Series, Boss Design, Lounge Chair, 6200 Series, Boss Design, Lounge Chair, 700 Series, Folding Chair, with Tablet Arm, 734G, Folding Chair, ganging versions, AerDyn, Guest, Chair, ADD, Companion, Tandem, Raphael, Stacker, Allude, Task, Chair, Aston, Guest Chair, Berlage, Guest Chair, Bonn, Task, Chair, Briar, Healthcare, Seating, Bruen, Lounge, Seating, Canaan, Guest, Chair, Cinturon, Lounge, Seating, Task, Chair, Cody, Lounge, Seating, Dance, Nesting, Chair, Daybed, Sleepover, Seating, Dorsal, 1090, Tablet, Arm, Chair, Dorsal, Stack, Chair, Dorsal, Tandem, Seating, DuraMesh, Folding, Chair, DuraStack, Classroom, Chair, Eden, Lounge, Seating, Engage, Task, Seating, Ess, Task, Chair, Flex, Healthcare, Seating, GateOne, Seating, Glimmer, Stack, Task, Chairs, Grand, Salon, Lounge, Seating, Bench, Hancock, Bench, Impulse, Task, Chair, Intellect, Hard, Plastic, Chair, Jubi, Guest, Chair, Intellect, Chair, Ivey, Lounge, Seating, Jovi, Lounge, Seating, Kismet, Task, Chair, Logix, Seating, System, Lido, Lounge, Seating, Lola, Lounge, Seating, Mesa, Lounge, Seating, Mesa, Task, Professional, Chair, MI6, Nesting, Chair, Mondial, Guest, Chair, Neena, Lounge, Seating, Bench, Novite, Folding, Chair, Olympia, Task, Chair, OnTask, Task, Chair, Perry, Stack, Chair, Piretti, 2000, Task, Chair, Piretti, Stack, Chair, Plaza, Stack, Chair, Pomfret, Lounge, Seating, Guest, Chair, Premier, Folding, Bench, Quatro, Guest, Chair, Relax, Lounge, Chair, Sapphire, Task, Chair, Precedence, Task, Chair, Seneca, Bench, Soltice, Folding, Chair, Three, Healthcare, Seating, Versa, Junior, Chairs, Vertebra, Institutional, Seating, Warren, Barron, Barron Tables, Patient, Chair, Xclaim, Task, Chair, Zylo, Bench, 20, Series, Table, Boss, Design, Occasional, Table, Archive, Briar Occasional, Table, DataLink, Multipurpose, Table, Devon, Occasional, Table, Inquire, Table, Intellect, Two-Student, Table, Itoki, DD, Table, Junior, Table, Orlo, Occasional, Table, PowerComm, Table, System, Premier, 72", Found, Folding, Table, Rado, Occasional, Table, Sterling, Table, Synthesis, Table, Velo, Table, Venue, Table, Flexible, Workspace, Prosper, SystemsWall, Dorsal, Student, Desk, Intellect, Compact, Double-Entry, Desk, Intellect, Desk, Ivy, League, StudioWorks System, IL50, Laminate, Top, Desk, Ivy, League, Max, Plus, E-Series, Storage, Isle Power Tower, Isle , Essex, SmartTouch, Files, 900 Series, Amadeus, Collection, Darwin, Casegoods, DaVinci, Casegoods, Delsanti, Casegoods, Aria, Auditorium, Seating, Hi5, Spectator, Seating, Piretti, Stack, on, Fixed, Seating, Residential, Hall, Furniture, Residence, Hall, Furniture, Madison, Sustain, Trendmaster, Connect, Electrical, System, Laptop, Garage, Next, Connect, Electrical, System, Reclaim, Receptacles

The following products are discontinued. However, KI will still honor product warranties from the original date of purchase. For warranty questions or to verify warranty status, please contact KI customer service at 800-424-2432 or


100 Series Folding Chair
1000 Series Stack Chair
200 Series Boss Design Lounge Seating
300 Series Folding Chair
360 Degree Classroom Furniture
400 Series Folding Chair
400 Series Boss Design Lounge Seating
600 Series Boss Design Lounge Chair
6000 Series Stack Chairs
6100 Series Boss Design Lounge Chair
6200 Series Boss Design Lounge Chair
700 Series Folding Chair
700 Series Folding Chair with Tablet Arm
734G Folding Chair (ganging versions) 
800 Series Industrial Stools
AerDyn Guest Chair 
ADD Companion, Tandem, Raphael, Stacker
Affina Glider
Affina Hip Chair
Affina Patient Chair
Allude Task Chair
Arissa Lounge Seating
Aston Guest Chair
Auditorium Folding Chair
Avail Task Chair
Bantam Guest Chair
Berlage Guest Chair
Bonn Task Chair
Briar Healthcare Seating
Bruen Lounge Seating
Canaan Guest Chair
Cinturon Lounge Seating & Task Chair
Cody Lounge Seating
Connection Zone Privacy Booth
Dance Nesting Chair
Daybed Sleepover Seating
Design Line Folding Chair
Dorsal 1090 Tablet Arm Chair
Dorsal Stack Chair
Dorsal Tandem Seating
DuraMesh Folding Chair
DuraStack Classroom Chair
Eden Lounge Seating 
Engage Task Seating
Ess Task Chair
Flex Healthcare Seating
Folding Chair 05
FourC Task Chair
FourC Task Stool
Front Row Seats
GateOne Seating
Glimmer Stack & Task Chairs
Grand Salon Lounge Seating & Bench
Hancock Bench
Hiatus Sleeper Bench
Impulse Task Chair
Intellect Hard Plastic Chair
Intellect Chair
Itoki DP Guest Chair
Ivey Lounge Seating
Ivy League Classroom Desks
Ivy League Series 10 Chair
Ivy League Series 90 Tablet Arm Chair
Ivy League Series ST Stool
Jovi Lounge Seating
Jubi Guest Chair
Kismet Task Chair
LaResta Day Bed
Logix Seating System
Lido Lounge Seating
Lola Lounge Seating
Matrix High Density Stack Chair
Mesa Lounge Seating
Mesa Task Professional Chair
MI6 Nesting Chair
Mondial Guest Chair
Neena Lounge Seating
Neena Bench
Novite Folding Chair
Olympia Task Chair
OnTask Task Chair
Perry Stack Chair
Perth Bariatric Chair
Perth Glider
Perth Guest Chair
Perth Multiple Seating
Perth Patient Chair
Perth Recliners
Perth Sleepers
Piretti 2000 Task Chair
Piretti Stack Chair
Plaza Stack Chair
Pomfret Lounge Seating & Guest Chair
Premier Folding Bench
Quatro Guest Chair
Rapture Cafe Stool
Rapture Stack Chair
Relax Lounge Chair
Rose Patient Chair
Sapphire/Precedence Task Chair
Seneca Bench
Silhouette Stack Chair
Soltice Folding Chair
Soltice Glider
Soltice Metal Patient Chair
Soltice Patient Chair
Tea Cup Lounge Seating
Three Healthcare Seating
Torsion Stack Chair
Torsion Tandem Seating
Torsion Task Chair
Torsion Task Stool
Versa Basic Chair
Versa Cafe Stool
Versa Conference Chair
Versa Junior Chairs
Versa Standard Stack Chair
Versa XL Chair
Vertebra Institutional Seating
Voyant Task Chair
Voz Guest Chair
Warren Patient Chair
Xclaim Task Chair
Xylon Stack Chair
Zylo Bench

Panel Systems
Files and Storage

E-Series Storage
SmartTouch Files (900 Series)

Residence Hall Furniture

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