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Height-Adjustable Tables

Movement is natural and promotes blood flow throughout the body. Allow workers to be more productive with our height-adjustable tables.

Height-Adjustable Tables/Office Desks

Adjustable by: Electric Switch (Toggle, WorkUp, Genesis); Crank (WorkUp and Genesis); Counterbalance (WorkUp); Pin-Height (Genesis). Fixed heights also available.

Height-Adjustable Multipurpose/Activity Tables

Adjustable by: Pneumatic Cylinder (Athens, Pirouette); Pin-Height (Trek); Set-Screw (Ruckus Activity, Pirouette, Stout, Intellect Activity). Fixed heights also available.

Height-Adjustable Student Desks

Adjustable by: Pneumatic Cylinder (Ruckus Cantilever); Set-Screw (Ruckus Cantilever & Post-Leg, Intellect Wave). Fixed heights also available.

Height-Adjustable Teacher Desks/Lecterns

Adjustable by: Pneumatic Cylinder.

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