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Explore Genesis Height-Adjustable Desking System

Genesis® desking is like no other desking solution on the market because of its flexibility, quality and affordability. Genesis lets you adjust your desk height as easily as you raise or lower your chair.

Versatile Adjustable Desks

As a standalone desking system, Genesis sets the standard for complete desktop customization, practicality, and user well-being. This versatile system provides an impressive range of budget-friendly adjustable table height options, catering to both timeless and modern aesthetics.


  • Provides ergonomics and added ingenuity in the workplace
  • Electric adjustment option allows users to raise or lower the worksurface from 24" to 51" with the push of a button
  • Up to four preferred work heights may be programmed to each table
  • Adjustability options include fixed, pin height, crank and electric
  • Users can easily adjust from sitting to standing heights throughout the day, increasing overall employee health and productivity
  • Offers exceptional power and data management
  • Convenient overhead storage leaves work and personal items within reach
  • Worksurface dividers may be added or removed as needed, so you can work privately or as a team


  • Meets ANSI/HFS 100-1988 standard for adjustability and knee clearance, and meets ADA specifications for wheelchair access and height of surfaces
  • In pin-adjustable desking, a spring steel button protruding through holes in both tubes allows for adjustment in one-inch increments from 24" to 31"
  • In crank-adjustable desking with standard height, turning the crank manually adjusts the desk from 22" to 33" at a rate of 1" per ten revolutions
  • In crank-adjustable desking with sit-stand height, turning the crank manually adjusts the desk from 27" to 43" at a rate of 1" per ten revolutions
  • In electrically-adjustable desking, pressing a button adjusts the desk from 24" to 51" at a rate of 1.4" per second

List Price Starts At

$1,199 –  $1,709

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