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Unite System

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Multiple panel sizes and finishes, including gallery panels, support a full range of work styles.
  • Three base styles accommodate varying power and privacy needs.
  • Uninterrupted glass spans of up to 72” provide space division and privacy, while incorporating natural daylight.
  • Storage, dividers and sliding doors complement panels to complete a workstation.

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  • Preconfigured panels feature all-metal welded frames, with three base styles: standard, elevated and tile-to-floor
  • Panel widths range from 24” to 72; heights range from 32-64”
  • Monolithic and segmented tile inserts are offered in a wide variety of preconfigured sizes and finishes, including fabric, steel, glass and writable surfaces; alternately, “personalized” configurations can be used to create endless tile combinations.

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Product Story
Unite System

Unite is the unifying element that bridges the gap between architecture and loose furniture. As a complete systems solution, it responds to space-planning shifts with an extensive offering of panels, finishes, worksurfaces, storage and accessories; yet, it remains simple at its core and is easy to install and modify. 

Extensive elements within the Unite system blend together to create a balanced, harmonious look in any number of combinations. From formal meetings to collaborative get-togethers or impromptu dialogues to private conversations, Unite creates myriad spaces quickly and ties them together beautifully.

Diverse options, including tile-to-floor panels, gallery panels, dividers and even sliding doors, illustrate spatial division for more independent worker focus, while enabling control over levels of collaboration. Numerous unique worksurface shapes further support workers who prefer to work independently or interactively or both. It's unification through simplification.

Featuring preconfigured monolithic panels, base options and stackers; segmented and gallery panels; freestanding or integrated storage and worksurfaces, Unite creates a workplace that works for everyone.

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