Overton Ray Elementary School

The new Overton Ray Elementary School is among the most flexible and fluid elementary schools in North Texas. Aside from classrooms, the campus includes a variety of collaborative spaces, STEM labs, collaboration stations, an amphitheater and a student lounge.


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April 8, 2019

Finding Your Place in Community as Strategy

People want spaces where they feel connected to each other and the environment around them. What does that mean when designing the workplace? How do we connect people with place?

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April 1, 2019

When Will K-12 Classrooms Scrap Those Age-Old, Rigid Desk-Chairs?

Remember that little desk/chair combo used by millions of students-and maybe even you-in school? There are rumblings that they're on their way out.

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March 27, 2019

KI Sales Rep Wins Leadership Award from Northeast Florida Commercial Real Estate Group

KI Sales representative Allison Brown received the Developing Leader of the Year award from the NAIOP.