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WorkZone Desking System

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Freestanding desks and components are available in curvilinear, square, rectangular, triangular and corner shapes
  • Optional full modesty and end panels
  • Wire raceways, data jacks, and PowerUp options available
  • Four edge options: two post formed options, T-edge, and PVC edge

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  • Rectangular adjustable keyboard pad worksurfaces shall have the same construction features as the basic worksurface except for the addition of 10” by 24” keyboard pad which shall have a 3” height adjustment, 15° negative and 15° positive tilt adjustment and 1” forward extension
  • Rectangle transitional worksurfaces shall be the same construction as the square transitional worksurface 24”x 30” to match a 24” deep fixed-height basic worksurface with a 30” deep worksurface at a corner
  • Screens shall be 19” high and available in widths to fit all basic and transitional worksurfaces, straight, corner, with or without keyboard pad

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Product Story

Today's offices demand unique styling and collaborative work support. WorkZone desking system delivers. Freestanding desks and components are available in curvilinear, square, rectangular, triangular and corner shapes. These transitional surfaces transform from solo stations to highly-functional team units. WorkZone desking creates attractive work areas that invite collaboration. Shared leg option means more legroom and attractive aesthetics. Mobile teardrop and semi-circle tables move easily for impromptu pairings. Full modesty and end panels add privacy when needed. To meet the delicate balance of privacy and teaming, WorkZone desking system includes shared office capabilities that are flexible and easy to navigate. Innovative mobile worksurfaces invite impromptu meetings. Standard options include adjustable keyboard pads, data tables, printer stands and more. Options such as tool rails and full end panels can round out a space. The WorkZone desking system joins function with aesthetic statement through a wide range of colorful laminates and panel fabrics. Accommodating power is one of the strengths of WorkZone desking. WorkZone uses the PowerUp system to deliver power and data exactly where it's needed - at the surface. Each press-release module provides one duplex receptacle (two power outlets) and two readily accessible data ports. Data Jacks remain stationary to prevent excessive wear and tear on data components. Wire raceways provide subtle cable management throughout the environment. No need for complex disassembling and reassembling.

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