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Attracting Top Talent

The key to business success.

You also need a good product or service, of course. But TALENT – that's the name of the game! If a business can recruit top talent, it's all but guaranteed to grow.

That said, recruiting top talent doesn't come easy. Employers spend much. time... strategizing ways to attract exceptional team members. Keeping them is another story.

Community as a Strategy

Designing a workplace where workers want to work...together.

If you build it, they will come!

To appeal to young, talented professionals who’ve spent years in progressive campus environments working together, the solution is simple: Create an environment, reflective of your culture, inspired by the greatest trends in collegiate design.

Recruit. Retain. Repeat

After you've recruited top talent, how are you going to keep them?
(HINT: Don't let them enter the danger zone of being "lost in transition" in a new environment.)


Collegiate Design

Helping employees find their place through inspired workplace design.

Here are a few ways to better engage employees:

Create workspaces that foster coaching and mentoring.

Support ongoing training and development that new hires need to succeed.

Leverage integration with new and emerging technologies.

These crucial tools engage recent graduates who have come to expect this level of connection.

Continue to evolve!

Progressive employees crave progressive environments.

Following trends in collegiate design will help you understand how your workplace should continue to evolve.

7 Trends in Collegiate Design


Simply incorporating a new "social hub" won't fix the greater issue.

Go all in!

You need a workplace that is fully immersed in collegiate design. In other words, give employees options for where and how to work, and let them choose.

Make smart choices.

With a higher degree of choice over their workplace, employees will enjoy their work and work harder! Yep, you read that right. Done correctly, incorporating trends from collegiate design into your workplace design will lead to higher retention rates of top talent and greater employee productivity…leading to more success in your business and its bottom line. Win. Win!


View Infographic

View Infographic 

See how to incorporate collegiate design in the workplace in 5 simple steps.

Read White Paper

Read White Paper 

Review the research and insights behind Collegiate Design: the New Driver for Workplace Design.

Need Help Incorporating Collegiate Design in Your Workplace?

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