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Already know the name of the KI furniture you’re interested in? Simply click on the appropriate letter to quickly find the listing. Within each product page, you’ll find a wealth of information such as image galleries, product downloads, CAD/Revit symbols and more.

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Backbone Media Platform
Backbone Media Platform  Backbone Media Platform is a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration, and enhances flexibility.
Balance Overhead Storage
Balance Overhead Storage 

With Balance® overhead storage you don't need to stand to operate. Simply reach up and open using either the upper or lower door - both swing open simultaneously and stay balanced at any point.

Barron Tables
Barron Tables  The Barron® table has a classic design that never goes out of style. Its simple contemporary lines make it appropriate for any setting and its expansive product offering allows for customization of design and function.
Bobbr Undermount Storage
Bobbr Undermount Storage 

Bobbr is a convenient undermount storage unit with clean and compact design. Featuring top and bottom storage compartments, the unit can be specified with an open front or with a top drawer or bottom door or both.

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