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Perth Bariatric Chair
Perth Bariatric Chair  Today's healthcare facilities should carefully consider the needs of the bariatric client. With seating continuity across four collections including Perth® bariatric chairs, KI provides comfort and design requirements that meet the most rigorous testing standards.
Perth Glider
Perth Glider  The Perth® healthcare glider blends dynamic motion with therapeutic comfort. Whether it's exercise by gentle rocking or even the benefits of enhanced circulation it supports the motions that speeds recovery.
Perth Multiple Seating
Perth Multiple Seating 

Perth multiple seating features five table connections, durable conversion hardwood varnish, lifetime warranty and optional moisture barrier.

Perth Patient Chair
Perth Patient Chair  KI's Perth® patient chairs are ergonomically designed while providing a high level of comfort. From the sturdiness of the stationary chair to the dynamic rocking of the motion chair, the Perth patient chair is as pleasing to look at is it is to sit in.
Perth Recliners
Perth Recliners 

Perth Recliners provide comfort, ease of use and attractive styling. Functional and versatile, Perth Recliners are durably built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Perth Sleepers
Perth Sleepers  Perth® sleepers are the first in their class with a patented welded steel inner mechanism that provides strength and stability. Their solid hardwood arms add warmth, while the catalyzed finish maintains its beauty.
Pillar Tables
Pillar Tables 

The post leg is the signifying feature behind Pillar; a foundational column that embodies support, simplicity, and strength. Pillar combines simple posts and distinctive shapes, creating countless impactful environments.

Pilot Task Chair
Pilot Task Chair  The Pilot(r) task chair is generously sized seating that is durable, comfortable and attractive. It's ideal for large individuals or those in occupations requiring tool belts, gun belts, or walkie talkies.
Pirouette Tables
Pirouette Tables 

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the Pirouette Table is a space-saving solution with universal appeal.

Plaza Stack Chair
Plaza Stack Chair  Clean and contemporary, Plaza offers a streamlined, simplified design. This lightweight stack chair features a curved shell for comfort and is both durable and versatile for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
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