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10 Favorite Products for K-12 Learning Environments

Adaptable. Flexible. Scalable.

If the recent past has taught us anything, it's that learning environments need to be adaptable, flexible, scalable ... and safe. To support these dynamic spaces for your students, you need responsive furniture solutions. We're pleased to share our top K-12 furniture solutions to support your elementary, middle and high schools.

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Intellect Wave Seating 

The unique flexing back of Intellect Wave seating provides exceptional comfort and permits a certain degree of movement to help foster attentiveness and learning retention. Engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Intellect Wave seating offers years of low-maintenance ownership at a price point to fit any school’s budget.

Ruckus Classroom Seating 

The introduction of Ruckus seating created a paradigm shift in the classroom seating world. Ruckus enables the type of movement essential to cognitive development and learning. Students and teachers can choose how they sit, learn/teach and interact with one another. The patented chair design supports all the “wiggles” without any moving parts. In addition to classroom seating, the Ruckus collection includes desking, tables and storage options.

Pirouette Tables 

Reasonably priced for any school, Pirouette tables are the perfect combination of form and function. It’s no wonder this table is ordered by virtually all our K-12 clients. With nine top shapes, the unique design allows Pirouette tables to be reconfigured to adapt to varied learning configurations. Students can comfortably fit around the table with the collaborative base style. The table nests for simple storage. Power options available.


Uniframe Tables 

With cafeterias often doubling as meeting spaces or performance venues, Uniframe tables adjust to these multiple needs quickly, safely and easily. And the multitude of shapes, styles (including seating options) and heights allows today’s cafeterias to be dynamic and a visual focal point for the school. The smaller frame stance makes it easy to clear doorways and requires less space to nest and store.

MyPlace Lounge Furniture 

With a robust variety of shapes, sizes and table options, MyPlace lounge furniture offers a functional space and enables an exceptional range of formations. This modular soft seating can withstand students’ constant use/abuse at a reasonable price point. The color and sizing options make any classroom, lounge, library or office “pop”. 

Learn2 Seating 

Sleek, simple and sturdy, Learn2 seating fully supports today’s concerns for a safe learning environment. Its mobility allows students to flex from individual study to appropriately spaced groups for collaboration. The dual-handed, generous tablet on a swing arm provides ample, comfortable workspace. To accommodate the smaller size of younger students, Learn2 classroom seating is also available in a junior size as a modified product.

Strive Seating 

Strive seating offers a simple yet elegant solution for design continuity throughout a school. Its cleanability, affordability and versatility make it perfect for classrooms, third spaces, offices and cafeterias. The flex back encourages movement, relaxation and enhanced circulation, while the contoured seat dissipates pressure points for greater comfort.

Pillar Tables 

In education environments, Pillar tables empower students to take an active role in the learning process. Students and teachers can arrange Pillar tables into endless configurations for that “just right” learning environment. Ten standard top shapes can be combined to support a variety of teaching/learning techniques or used individually for heads-down work in classrooms. For cafeterias, libraries and media centers, the 120-degree tables can be combined to create serpentine touchdown spaces. 

700 Series Bookcases 

Whether in a classroom, library, lab or staff office – storage is always needed. 700 Series bookcases provide sizing, configuration and pricing options to fit any school. Sleek design and sturdy construction allow you to use 700 Series bookcases to divide space and define learning areas. A wide variety of color, style and detail options leads to learning spaces with a true “wow” factor.

Instruct Teacher Desk 

Home base for our heroic teachers, these desks offer a mobile option and provide integrated storage and plenty of surface space for lecturing, one-on-one instruction, use of audio/visual equipment or grading papers. Instruct teacher desks can be modified to a teacher/school’s needs and provide exceptional durability and flexibility for today’s evolving learning environments.

Other K-12 Furniture Faves

Likha Casegoods

Likha Casegoods 

With a mix of modular desk and storage options, Likha casegoods provides the ability to configure offices, reception stations, and more for any district or school administrative space.

ChangeUp Tablet Arm

ChangeUp Tablet Arm 

Innovative ChangeUp tablet arms provide an accessible worksurface for Doni and Strive 4-leg, 4-leg with casters, sled base and task chairs.

CrossRoads Library Furniture

CrossRoads Library Furniture 

Timeless CrossRoads furniture enhances any setting with its clean, transitional style and understated details.

Ricochet Stool

Ricochet Stool 

Featuring a rounded base for an active sit, Ricochet stools offer freedom to fidget, which can help keep bodies and minds engaged.

Think About Student Engagement. Think KI.

Schools are evolving into epicenters for community happenings. While students roam from classroom to computer lab and cafeteria to media center throughout the day, many in the community also leverage these spaces in the evening for extracurricular activities, organization meetings or town events. As host to so many in the community, schools want to be a source of inspiration first for its students and teachers as well as those within the broader community who use the space. As you think about student engagement, THINK KI.

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