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Thinking furniture solutions THINK KI


KI means a lot to users, designer and dealers.

To some, we’re the answer for versatility, durability and cost-effective furnishings. To others, it’s all about the creativity and comfort that we bring to their classrooms. Through research, we’ve discovered KI means many things to many people. We’ve always been proven to be the smartest choice for schools, and one of the most preferred brands in the industry.

So as you rethink your school spaces, think KI.

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Whether it’s comfort, style, collaboration or quiet time, we know our furnishings can do more and be more for college campuses. But instead of resting on the laurels of what we know, we've used this independent research to represent the hearts and minds of users, designers and dealers in the industry.

The ones who point to KI as the best choice for college campuses.

Because these days, listening to customers and amplifying their voices can create the most powerful and empowering reasons to believe.

Here's what we've heard

based on research from Hanover 2020


Here's why it matters

Think adaptive learning. Think KI.

We understand that students learn best at their own pace, with a curriculum adapted to their specific aptitude. Truly, this is the most effective way to inspire, stir passion and connect to purpose—far beyond rote learning or traditional repetition.

In turn, this tailored approach delivers an exceedingly positive educational experience of organic learning and discovery.

Think personal space. Think KI.

From advanced bio sciences to virtual gaming, we’ve seen unlimited innovations that enhance the learning experience. Contributions from various disciplines and technologies continue to help facilitators evolve teaching and learning tools—an especially critical topic during recent global challenges.

Wherever learning takes place, students need supportive tools and the capacity to grow their personal space—mentally, physically and emotionally.

Think hands-on learning. Think KI.

At KI, we understand the visceral need to find a community, a tribe of one’s own. Throughout the learning experience, this connection to community is essential. For students, attending school may be their first opportunity to explore a diverse world beyond the communities in which they were raised and connect with others on a more global perspective.

A variety of inclusive programs on campus can provide supplemental hands-on experiences to help students engage with applied learning opportunities.

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Think About What Works ... Think KI

If recent years taught us anything, it's that learning environments need to be adaptable, flexible and scalable. This is clearly evident in our most commonly ordered products for schools across the nation.

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