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How Can You Create Spaces for All Students?


Maintaining a holistic approach to the education environment is vital in shaping student success. At KI, we understand your challenges in this endeavor. Allocating resources is tricky; addressing disparities is a constant juggle, and navigating digital education with modern technologies is ever-evolving. 

Privacy pods can play a pivotal role in providing students the best of both worlds – space for social interaction AND private, quiet spaces they can access on demand.


Spaces to Gather or Get Away

A supportive and well-designed physical and emotional environment enhances engagement, motivation, and community-building. Inclusive spaces that embrace diversity and modern technologies empower educators to provide personalized learning experiences.

So, why privacy pods?

Sometimes, students need to gather.

WiggleRoom Super Structure is a dynamic post-and-beam system that makes it easy to create multi-sized freestanding spaces within open-plan environments.

And sometimes, they need to get away.

Single-person WiggleRoom pods create a perfect space to focus. The pods also serve as a respite area should staff or students need quiet time.

And why WiggleRoom privacy pods?

Exceptional solutions for interior architecture.

WiggleRoom pods and Super Structures can stand independently of HVAC and fire abatement systems or work with existing infrastructure (verify with your local building codes) without permanent connections.

Dynamic ability to meet any aesthetic.

WiggleRoom solutions offer industry-leading installation time, minimal construction on site, and visual and acoustical privacy where desired with a variety of finish options and configurations.

Applications & Spaces

Scroll to see how you can bring these applications to life with WiggleRoom!



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Learn more about how to design inclusive learning spaces with WiggleRoom in this comprehensive PDF.

Additional Content

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Which WiggleRoom is Right for You?

Single Pod? Or Super Structure? Find all the details on our WiggleRoom privacy booth products to discover which solution (or combination of both!) is right for your space. Click on each below.

WATCH THE VIDEO St. Francis Case Study 

College leadership needed the three-story vertical campus to uphold its mission by encouraging student and faculty interaction. With KI, the team used Super Structures to create private huddle rooms within the open areas. The acoustic performance ensures students working in the lounge spaces outside the units are not disturbed.

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