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Already know the name of the KI furniture you’re interested in? Simply click on the appropriate letter to quickly find the listing. Within each product page, you’ll find a wealth of information such as image galleries, product downloads, CAD/Revit symbols and more.

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Wharton Lectern
Wharton Lectern  The Wharton® Lectern offers a state-of-the-art lectern that features control and comfort. This lectern accommodates a touch screen monitor or laptop access and adjusts as necessary to fit the presenter.
WireWorks Panel System
WireWorks Panel System  WireWorks supports creative freedom-with an unprecedented array of tiles and textures, configurations and combinations. You won't find an easier office panel system to work with, or a more appealing system to work in. Because nothing works like WireWorks office panel system.
WorkUp Height-Adjustable Tables
WorkUp Height-Adjustable Tables  The ability to move must be simple and accessible to ensure desired outcomes. Intuitive, height adjustable work surfaces, such as KI's WorkUp® Adjustable Table, are the ideal solution.
WorkZone Desking System
WorkZone Desking System  The WorkZone® desking system adjusts to your workspace by creating either private or collaborative spaces. Wired with five levels of power access, WorkZone offers many options for efficiency and productivity.