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WiggleRoom is a single-user privacy pod that offers acoustic and visual privacy in open spaces. With numerous material and accessory options, WiggleRoom is a highly functional yet attractive alcove for any environment.

because sometimes you just need

A Little Space

WiggleRoom brings balance to environments by creating an individual, distraction-free option within the togetherness of open-plan spaces. Featuring excellent acoustic properties, WiggleRoom supports privacy with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door. So, go ahead! Take that phone call, have a one-on-one video conference or focus, think, dream, create.


  • Free to Focus – keeps conversations in and unwanted distractions out; featuring excellent acoustic privacy (decibel reduction of 30) with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door.
  • Free to Express – make a statement or seamlessly blend in; specify external panels in various combinations of steel, laminate and glass; magnetic inserts enhance acoustics and aesthetics.
  • Free to Choose – select from a range of options for panel materials, surfaces, seating, and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity.
  • Certified Autism Resource by IBCCES.


  • Left or right orientation.
  • Exterior: W44 x D44 x H89.
  • Interior: W41 x D41 x H80 (door opening height).
  • Available with worksurface W36.5 x D14 or accessory ledge W36.5 x D5.
  • Equipped with power supply convertor to provide electricity to motions sensor, LED light and ventilation fans.
  • Single-circuit electrical system or hardwire components (where required by code).

Workspace Convenience

It's all about how it works for you. Inside, WiggleRoom offers more than just a distraction-free zone. Select from a range of options for panel materials, surfaces, seating and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity in a compact workspace.


Key Features

A Occupancy Indicator Light
Optional motion-activated LED light indicates whether pod is in-use or available.
B Ventilation
Motion-activated "ceiling" fan constantly replenishes internal pod air, maintaining a comfortable environment.
C Lighting
Motion-activated LED light has an optional dimmer for individualized control of light levels.
D Power
Optional Qi-enabled power module supports a USB-A port as well as Qi wireless charging and offers two 120-volt AC outlets. Specify power supply as 3-prong plug or hardwire.
E Self-Closing Magnetic Door
Minimizes noise distractions. Door is clear glass.
F Carpet
Choose from high-performance grey carpet or customer-ordered carpet (both are field-installed).
G Adjustable Floor Glides
Glides adapt to uneven floors and ease repositioning.
Supporting Your Virus Mitigation Strategy
Supporting Your Virus Mitigation Strategy

As businesses and learning institutions re-evaluate safety protocols to deter the spread of infectious viruses, WiggleRoom offers a number of key features and benefits:

  • Cleanable, hard surfaces that can readily accept most standard cleaning agents.
  • Innate “social distancing” via enclosed walls for a single person, providing a sense of protection and well-being.
  • Creation of natural corridors and preferred “traffic flow” due to WiggleRoom’s physical size and scale.
  • Occupancy light indicates whether pod is in-use, reducing risk of unintended interactions.
Certified Autism Resource
Certified Autism Resource

WiggleRoom is a Certified Autism Resource, allowing students or office workers to break away from sensory-overloaded situations and find peace and quiet to relax, learn, and connect with others.  For additional acoustic absorption, solid walls can be clad with PET felt material. The lighting system is user-controlled and can be dimmed to provide the perfect amount of light for the user, and light temperature can be adjusted to accommodate the desired lighting feel for the space.

List Price Starts At

$12,633 –  $15,001

Lead Time

5* Weeks

*For an order quantity greater than 5 units, please contact customer service for lead time.

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