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Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Free to Focus – keeps conversations in and unwanted distractions out; featuring excellent acoustic privacy (decibel reduction of 30) with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door.
  • Free to Express – make a statement or seamlessly blend in; specify external panels in various combinations of steel, laminate and glass; magnetic inserts enhance acoustics and aesthetics.
  • Free to Choose – select from a range of options for panel materials, surfaces, seating and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity.

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  • Left or right orientation.
  • Exterior: W44 x D44 x H89
  • Interior: W41 x D41 x H80 (door opening height)
  • Available with worksurface W36.5 x D14 or accessory ledge W36.5 x D5
  • Equipped with power supply convertor to provide electricity to motions sensor, LED light and ventilation fans
  • Single-circuit electrical system or hardwire components (where required by code)

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Please note: List Price is a general estimate and does NOT include fabric grade pricing at this time. For a formal price of the product shown, please request a quote.

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Product Story

WiggleRoom brings balance to open environments by creating an individual, distraction-free option within the togetherness of open plan spaces. WiggleRoom is a place for private phone calls, one-on-one video conferencing, and focused work. Featuring excellent acoustic properties, WiggleRoom supports privacy with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door.  Make a statement or seamlessly blend into any space by specifying colors that make your vision a reality.  Select from a range of options for materials, surfaces, seating and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity in a compact workspace.  

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Designer Profile
KI Design Team


KI Design Team

WiggleRoom pods were designed by KI’s award-winning design team to offer distraction-free acoustic privacy in a single-user pod. These pods are available in a variety of panel materials, finish colors and options. WiggleRoom is made in the USA with an average five-week leadtime (shorter than many other pods in the industry).

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