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Explore WiggleRoom Super Structure

Meet, collaborate or work privately with WiggleRoom Super Structure: the perfect balance between private and public spaces. This post-and-beam system makes it easy to create multisize freestanding spaces within open plan environments.

Space to Gather or Get Away

Super Structure offers an exceptional solution for interior architecture without permanent connections. Add this freestanding system to any environment without compromising existing architecture, while ensuring design flexibility that will adapt your spaces into the future.

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  • Five standard enclosed sizes: 6x6, 8x6, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10.
  • Unlimited customization with shared wall or post-and-beam structures.
  • Open, closed, louvered ceiling options.
  • Self-closing frameless glass door.
  • Wall-mounted occupancy and vacancy sensor.
  • Photometrically analyzed 6" LED light fixtures.
  • Lights can be set to turn off at 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Wireless, dimmable light switch with programmable levels.
  • Optional hardwired or pre-wired power.
  • Select left, right, center door orientation.
  • Certified Autism Resource by IBCCES.


  • Freestanding 6063 aluminum post and beam system.
  • Meets International Building Code (IBC) and seismic requirements.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Optional 62 CFM fans or HVAC connection for ventilation.
  • Designed to accommodate sprinklers for fire safety.
  • Glass panels are 3/8” clear laminate. Doors are 1/2" tempered glass.
  • Solid panels are erasable or powdercoated steel.
  • Frame finishes are anodized or powdercoated aluminum.
  • Front wall is always glass. Side walls can be glass or steel.
  • Door pulls (18") are brushed stainless or black.

Product Highlights

Easily Accessible
Easily Accessible

Super Structure rests directly on the floor. Door openings and interior dimensions accommodate all accessibility requirements.

Ceiling Selections
Ceiling Selections

Open, closed or semi-open louvered ceiling options are available for varying acoustic privacy, air flow and fire suppression requirements.

Self-Closing Glass Door
Self-Closing Glass Door

The frameless glass door features hydraulic slow-close hinges and opens 180 degrees with a hold-open setting. A neoprene sound seal gasket provides acoustic privacy.

High Air Quality
High Air Quality

When selected with louvered and solid ceiling options, two fans replenish air and maintain a comfortable environment. Solid ceilings can also be connected to HVAC systems.

Lighting & Sensor
Lighting & Sensor

A wireless sensor can be programmed to support either occupancy or vacancy. Photometric LED light fixtures can be set to the desired amount of light and turn off at various intervals.

Powered Walls
Powered Walls

Optional pre-wired or hardwired power is available in left, right or both side walls. Seamlessly incorporate technology for video conferencing, powered furniture and individual electronics.

Certified Autism Resource
Certified Autism Resource

WiggleRoom Super Structure is a Certified Autism Resource, allowing students or office workers to break away from sensory-overloaded situations and find peace and quiet to relax, learn, and connect with others.  For additional acoustic absorption, solid walls can be clad with PET felt material. The lighting system is user-controlled and can be dimmed to provide the perfect amount of light for the user, and light temperature can be adjusted to accommodate the desired lighting feel for the space.

Design Freedom

Take advantage of virtually unlimited design freedom with a combination of open, semi-enclosed or fully enclosed spaces. Available in five standard sizes, WiggleRoom Super Structure can also be specified with shared wall structures and open (no panels) post-and-beam layouts. Versatile finish options—including PET felt, powdercoated or erasable steel, glass, anodized aluminum, even inkjet printing—allow you to achieve your ideal aesthetic to complement any space.


Design Your Spec

Lead Time

6 to 8 Weeks

Product Warranty

10 Years*

*1 Year warranty on ceiling light, dimmer switch, door closer mechanism, fan, motion sensor, and occupancy indicator LED bulb

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