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Turn the Office Back On

During the pandemic, people started working from home.

The office went dark.

Now, people are making their way back to the office.

The lights are on.

There’s a buzz.

A vibe.

An energy.

The Office Is Lit!


Light It Up!

Flex Your Floorplan

As we transition from home back to the office, we need to embrace this unprecedented opportunity for transformation – with the office strategically designed to renew confidence through spaces that offer maximum flexibility, safety and productivity … spaces that are lit.

Private Offices
Private Offices

Architectural walls provide sound and visual (based on specification) privacy for sensitive positions or for those who need an area for focus work. As needs change, the walls can be reconfigured into huddle, teaming or conference rooms.

Interaction Areas
Interaction Areas

Comfortable seating in various postures and heights offers a wide variety of interaction levels – from an individual employee to a small group or department meeting. The MyPlace modular seating, Calida lounge chairs, Doni stools, Pillar tables and C-Table personal worksurfaces can easily be regrouped into several smaller vignettes.

Open Plan Workspaces
Open Plan Workspaces

The Tattoo Collection offers a hackable solution for open plan spaces. As business needs change or personal preferences arise, Tattoo elements can be repositioned on demand without tools.

Ideation Spaces
Ideation Spaces

Offering a variety of comfortable spaces to work and meet encourages employees to move about the space, a core principal of active design. The MyPlace seating, Pirouette table and Serenade Gathering tables provide an impromptu space for ideation or even a nice place for a coffee break. The mix of semi-enclosed and enclosed spaces supports multiple activities.

Reconfigure It

Using the same kit of parts, you can easily reconfigure these flexible floorplans.
Here are a few ideas to help your office get lit.


Img 1-v3.jpgTurn private offices into a conference or meeting space by removing dividing walls.

Img 2-v2.jpgTransition large interaction spaces into smaller groups of interactive areas.


Img 3-v4.jpg

Rearrange open plan workspaces into configurations that can either enhance collaboration or support focus work, depending on employee needs of the moment.



Redesigning Spaces for Returning to Work 

These idea starters will help you understand how to adapt your current workplace post-pandemic and consider implications for the future.

Flexible Furniture Solutions for Returning to Work 

As you prepare to return to work, these options will help you flex your space, safely and efficiently.

Social Distancing Dividers 

View our standard and modified options for screens and dividers, which provide an easy way to define space, regulate traffic flow and provide acoustic and visual privacy.

Infection Control 

Review our guidelines which are acceptable for mitigating infection and maintaining the appearance, finish and function of your KI furniture.

Light It Up!

Download our top 10 product solutions for returning to the workplace.

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