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Post-Pandemic Workplace

It’s evident the pandemic will forever change where and how we work – to what extent remains to be seen. It will also impact our physical work environment. As we prepare to return to work, we need to consider both short-term and long-term furniture solutions that can help pave the way. Our primary goal during this time is to support you with ideas and options that:

  • complement your existing space
  • support wellness
  • can be easily incorporated
  • consider your budget

We're here to listen to your concerns. Let's work together—even if we're apart—to provide you with the work environment you need to move forward and remain flexible. Together, we’ll figure out what works.

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Proximity for Personal Space

Bringing people together may mean keeping them apart. KI offers several ways to support social distancing within the office, including height-adjustable screens, dividers and panel toppers. Available in a variety of materials, these products can be specified for different uses such as barriers or acoustics without sacrificing aesthetics.


Flexibility for Your Shared Spaces

With a situation in flux, furniture must flex. KI has several products that can be used to delineate space, separate teams or cordon off areas. And the unique design of the Tattoo Collection places control of the workspace directly in the hands of employees. It’s flexibility at its finest.


More About Tattoo

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Tattoo Screens in an office space; flexible and functional screens in a workspace at Northwestern Mutual, perfect space optimizing solutions for office spaces
Tattoo Flex Screens

Tattoo Flex Screens are easy to move, so you can expand or contract workstations for either individual focus or team interaction. The unique base design allows screens to stand independently and a variety of inserts can be added to enhance aesthetics, acoustics and function.

Tattoo Slim Seating

Tattoo seating is scaled to fit within a range of space plans. Each modular, lightweight component can be easily moved and reconfigured within your space. Integrated power keeps you connected.

Tattoo Tables

Tattoo tables are designed to fit the compact properties of Tattoo lounge seating and storage elements.

Tattoo Storage

Tattoo storage provides a perfect balance of work and personal compartments. It offers mobility and user-control that adapts to of-the-moment needs for privacy or interaction. Featuring an inset leg design, storage elements can be easily moved within your workspace.

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Infinity from KI

Sometimes you need something that doesn’t exist. We can help with that. We’re uniquely positioned to bring your vision to life through our Infinity from KI process. Whether you want to modify an existing product or create something from scratch, we can help. Here are a few examples of modified and co-created solutions you may be able to leverage.

VIDEO Infinity from KI at Northwestern Mutual 

Additional Ideas

Find inspiration for simple yet attractive space dividing solutions in the following images.

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Let's Work Together 

Whether you are looking for a short-term solution to provide a safer return-to-work environment or searching for a more permanent solution for down the road, we are here to help. Let us hear your concerns and work together – even if we’re apart – to provide you with the work environment you need to move forward and remain flexible. Connect with your dedicated KI specialist to begin the discussion!

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