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Tattoo Screens

Tattoo Screens Tattoo Screens Tattoo Screens Tattoo Screens Tattoo Screens Tattoo Screens
Product Overview

Features & Highlights

• Flex Screens offered in monolithic and segmented styles; Spine Screens are monolithic only
• Flex Screens are always elevated, never connected and do not carry power
• Spine Screens are available non-powered or with inline power distribution
• Flex Screens may be specified with either bridge foot/flat foot or adjustable glides
• Spine Screens have raised feet with adjustable glides
• Optional magnetic or attachable accessories available

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  • All-metal frame construction
  • Multiple core options, including thermally-fused laminate, fluted polycarbonate, polyester felt, acrylic, dry-erasable steel, fabric or a combination  
  • Dry-erasable steel core option available with solid or patterned felt insert
  • Optional acrylic or polyester felt topper available on all screens

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Product Story
Tattoo Screens

Tattoo offers both Flex and Spine screens. Flex screens are easy to move, so you can expand or contract workstations for either individual focus or team interaction. Spine screens support in-line planning with or without power. Both screens feature a unique base design, which allows screens to stand independently. A variety of screen inserts can be added to enhance aesthetics, acoustics and function.

Designer Profile
KI Design Team


KI Design Team

Designed by KI's award-winning design team.

Using human-centered design principles, KI believes the true merit of our product design and the value to our clients is not represented in physical make-up or key features, but rather in how furniture elements and even space planning approaches -- such as Tattoo -- help organizations align their cultural, brand and functional needs within a given setting.

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