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Ruckus whiteboards have a dry-erase surface backed by a tackable PET felt surface to support interaction and ideation in learning or work environments.

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Ruckus whiteboards support interaction and ideation in learning or work environments. The ideal “show-and-tell” tool, they combine a dry-erase surface and a sound absorbent, tackable PET felt surface. Whiteboards have a unique, intuitive shape for easier handling. Display and storage options include user-controlled pivoting dock, versatile widget, hanging wall track and mobile cart.

Product Highlights


Ruckus whiteboards enhance active, hands-on learning. Students can express, display and present their ideas to others. The unique palette shape makes boards easier to handle and position.


Innovative widgets can be used to prop boards at an ergonomic drafting angle for individual work. They also keep markers organized and readily available.


When inserted into the pivot dock, whiteboards can be used as a divider between desks or workspaces to ensure privacy for testing or focused work. Users control how whiteboards are positioned or displayed. The whiteboards absorb sound (NRC rating 0.55) to temper distracting noise, resulting in a calmer environment.


  • Unique yet functional palette shape improves handling and positioning.
  • Four lightweight sizes accommodate both individual use and group collaboration.
  • Display and storage options include user-controlled pivoting dock, versatile widget (that also holds markers), hanging wall track, undersurface hook and mobile cart.
  • During testing or focused work, whiteboards serve as dividers when used in the pivoting dock or supported by the widget.


  • Dry-erase surface is backed by tackable PET felt back.
  • PET felt surface is sound-absorbing to dampen distracting noise (0.55 NRC value).
  • Leather straps enable rail hanging/display and serve as floor glides for the XL boards. Paper notes can also be tucked under the straps.
  • Integrated handle holes allow easy transport and storage on below-surface hooks.
  • PET felt surface is 100% post-consumer recycled content.
Designer Profile

Ruckus whiteboards are designed by Imsinne. Founded by Jonathan John Pidwell and Tobias Greissing, Imsinne is a design-based company dedicated to developing products that improve communication, innovate effectively and support physical activity for healthy working and learning environments.

Pidwell is an industrial designer focused on blending technical solutions with a user-focused and environmental approach. His goal is to create better products for every step in a process. Winner of the Best Design Awards (New Zealand), Pidwell designs products based on technical and material innovation. His product portfolio includes large industrial machines, technical electronic products and educational furniture.

Greissing’s background is in mechanical engineering and automotive design. He has an unending passion for visual communication, design thinking and improving communication through design. Greissing integrates entire workgroups into projects to minimize costs and maximize potential outcomes. His use of creative processes results in intelligent outcomes and team empowerment

List Price Starts At

$110 –  $654

Lead Time

6 Weeks

Product Warranty

5 Years

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