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Protecting Personal Proximity

At KI, we understand the importance of keeping you, your staff and your students comfortable, supported and safe – especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. To support your needs for space dividing solutions while the coronavirus lingers, we have compiled a portfolio of our best furniture designs—both standard and modified options—to ensure safety and proper social distancing within your work and learning spaces.

These partitions, dividers, screens, panels or walls can be added and adjusted throughout your space. And, we’ve designed these elements to enhance your space without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Freestanding Worksurface Screens


Acrylic Shields

  • Acrylic (Clear): ¼” nominal thickness
  • Panel Foot: powdercoated painted steel
  • Panel Foot Size: 2 x 8.25” (4” ea. side)
  • Acrylic Shield:
    • Overall Height: 24”
    • Widths: 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60”
  • Acrylic Shield with Transaction Slot:
    • Overall Height: 30”
    • Width: 30”
    • Slot: 2 x 12”
  • Foot Color: KI Standard Paint Colors
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing


3-Sided Acrylic Screen

  • ¼” clear acrylic 3-sided screen
  • Thermoformed single piece of acrylic
  • Overall dimensions: 26W x 14D x 24H
  • Thumbwheel clamp over edge
  • Bracket Paint Colors
  • Clamp options:
    • No clamp – freestanding
    • User edge clamp (shown)
    • Non-user edge clamp
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

3-Window Folding Barrier

  • Corrugated plastic barrier with PETG clear plastic windows
  • Available in three sizes: small (20x20x14); medium (24x20x16); large (24x23x16)
  • Window dimensions are 4” less than overall panel dimensions
  • Window “frame” is always white
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Worksurface-Mounted Screens

Tattoo Mini Panel

  • Attaches to 54” H Tattoo Flex Screen and 29-30” H adjacent worksurface
  • Mini Screen & Flex Screens ordered separately
  • Height adjusts by 1”
  • Width equals depth of worksurface
  • Core materials: fluted polycarbonate, acrylic, white magnetic dry-erasable steel
  • Frame Paint Colors
  • Acrylic Colors
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Fixed Wellness Screens Lam2_edit_900x900px.jpg

FIXED-HEIGHT Universal Screens – Felt or Laminate Panels

ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT Universal Screens – Felt or Acrylic Panels

Arist_acrylic panel_900x900px.jpg

Aristotle Frosted Acrylic Divider


Aristotle Clear Acrylic Screen & Support

  • ¼” Clear Acrylic Panel, 24” H
  • ¼” Radius Corners with Polished Edges
  • Support Piece is 6” High with Aluminum Finish
  • 2 supports required for 24-54” wide screen
  • 3 supports required for 60-72” wide screen
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Connection Zone Benching Privacy Screens & Dividers


InTandem Privacy Screens & Dividers


Removable Markerboard Divider

  • Removable divider for worksurfaces
  • Bracket slides over edge of 1-¼" worksurface
  • Bracket and board ordered separately
  • Laminate Divider:
    • Laminate on both sides
    • Board core is ¼" Birch Plywood
    • Clear coat edges
    • Wilsonart 459-90 Brite White Laminate Markerboard OR KI Laminate Colors
  • Acrylic Divider:
    • ¼" Acrylic
    • Radius corners
    • Polished edges
    • Frosted OR Clear
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Freestanding Floor Screens


All Terrain Mobile Screens

  • Aluminum frame with cast aluminum legs
  • Fluted Plastic, Tackable Fabric or Markerboard cores
  • Core material same on both sides
  • 4-point or 3-point base styles
  • Casters, glides or combo casters/glides
  • 54” & 66” heights
  • 24, 30, 36, 42, 48” widths
  • Frame Paint Colors
  • Fabric Options
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Connection Zone Screen_room set_42x80_gradient_white dry erase_900x900px.jpg

Connection Zone Mobile Screens

  • Includes storage tray and ganging hardware
  • 3 sizes: 36 x 72 x 22-1/2; 42 x 72 x 22-1/2; 42 x 80 x 22-1/2”
  • Material options: Acrylic, Steel (magnetic), Fabric (tackable), Combo Steel/Fabric
  • Solid acrylic available in translucent or solid white
  • Printed printed available with gradient or grid pattern
  • Tackable Fabric Colors: Spectrum or Popcorn
  • Silver or White frame color
  • Black casters
  • Learn more about Connection Zone
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing


Tattoo Screens

  • Flex Screens offered in monolithic and segmented styles
  • Flex Screens are always elevated, never connected and do not carry power
  • Flex Screens may be specified with either bridge foot/flat foot or adjustable glides Spine Screens are available non-powered OR with inline power distribution
  • Spine Screens have raised feet with adjustable glides
  • Flex Screens available monolithic or segmented; Spine Screens monolithic only
  • Core Materials: Acrylic, Magnetic Dry-Erasable Steel, Tackable Fabric, Laminate, Fluted Poly, Felt
  • Optional felt inserts (Patterned or Solid) for magnetic steel screens
  • Learn more about Tattoo
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Screen Accessories

CheckInStation_AFTER_X01_V1C_REV1_color edit_900x900px.jpg

Sanitation Station Panel Accessory

  • Painted Steel Construction
  • Overall dimensions: 12.25 W x 12.25” H
  • Open holder area: 3.2 W x 4.42” D
  • Enclosed Storage: 9 W x 4.5” D x 9” H (2 openings)
  • Rectangle opening: 2.5 W x 6.5” H
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5
  • KI Standard Paint Colors
  • View Model Numbers & Pricing

Additional Screen & Panel Accessories

Panels & Walls

Highly effective space dividing solutions may also be configured with KI panel systems and architectural walls. Whether you need temporary or semi-permanent solutions, KI panels and walls can be installed and reconfigured to meet the present and future needs of your space.

Infinity from KI

Many of the solutions featured on this page have been designed as part of our Infinity from KI program. Infinity from KI is a tried-and-true way for the KI team to engage with you to design and build the furniture you want and need -- personalized for your brand, your employees, your space.

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Modified Unite Panels and Toggle Tables with U-Series Storage and Modified Universal Screens

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We're In This Together

Take comfort in knowing we are ALL in this situation together. The environment around us may be uncertain, but you are not alone. So whether you are looking for a short-term solution to provide a safer return-to-work or return-to-school environment or searching for a more permanent solution for down the road, we are here to help. Connect with your dedicated KI specialist to begin the discussion!

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