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Chic captures the effect of glimmering embroidered crystals by using a high-contrast twist yarn with a subtle shimmer effect.


Asymmetric hints at De Stijl architectural elements. Gently curving, intersecting lines of varied thickness give the illusion of movement.


Its layered pattern moves the eye along a gentle rhythm of curves and swells that mimic ripples from a pebble tossed in the water.


Uniform yet organic. The rectangular elements of Decked Out hint at a Bauhaus-influenced design, yet the geometry is purposely unstructured.


Inspired by the Bauhaus masters and their approach to weaving. Explore the craft of weaving through color, structure and box motion.


A calm gradation of color evokes a refined pattern. This sophisticated graphic implies subtle movement with a careful restraint.


100% Polyester


Evoking a painting technique that focuses on the gradation of tints or shades, Camaieu offers a geometric aesthetic for a fresh change of pace.


Popcorn is bursting with bright saturated colors and flavored with supporting neutrals, adding a pop of color to traditional spaces.
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