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    Mondial Guest Chair

    Mondial chair is both a minimalist and innovative design created by one of the most prominent furniture designers of the 20th century - Gerrit Rietveld.

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    Bantam Guest Chair

    Bantam™ guest chairs feature clean and timeless lines that exemplify simplicity while remaining contemporary.

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    WireWorks Panel System

    WireWorks supports creative freedom-with an unprecedented array of tiles and textures, configurations and combinations. You won't find an easier office panel system to work with, or a more appealing system to work in. Because nothing works like WireWorks office panel system.

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    Trellis System

    Trellis is a simple power and data chase that enables greater workplace freedom.

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    Folding Chair 05

    Strength and durability are provided through a range of value-added features on KI's steel folding chairs.

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    Avail Task Chair

    By combining a soft, resilient seat with the supple flexibility of a mesh back and supportive synchrotilt, Avail® task chairs let you sit comfortably for an extended time.

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    System 3000 Panel System

    System 3000® panels easily conform to place, person and purpose. Shared spaces. Private offices. Semi-private workspaces. With an endless amount of edge styles and powerful components to choose from, this office panel system may be custom built to match your vision.

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    Affina Glider

    Bridging visual continuity from the lobby and waiting room into the patient room, the Affina glider blends dynamic motion with therapeutic comfort.

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    Toggle Adjustable Table

    Featuring value and versatility at its best, Toggle adjustable tables extend the benefits of electronically-modulated sit-stand work surfaces to everyone.

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    Affina Multiple Seating

    Affina multiple seating offers an elegant statement from the first impressions of a waiting room and all throughout the functional spaces of a facility.