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Versa Cafe Stool

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Versa stool has the clean design and durability of the Versa chair in a stool height
  • 30" seat height
  • Round or square back
  • Arms or armless
  • Upholstered or wood

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  • Upholstered seat is .30" thick molded polypropylene with 1-1/8" thick urethane foam cushion
  • Upholstered backs are two-piece contoured construction
  • Round back is molded polypropylene with urethane foam
  • Square back is wood veneer with urethane foam
  • Wood seat and back are made of hard maple multi-ply contoured veneer

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Product Story
Add a little ambiance to your cafe or cafeteria. KI Versa® cafe stools offer a variety of styles, forms and finishes to enhance any setting. Versa stools combine the clean design and durability of the Versa chair with the height of a stool. Available in fabric or wood with or without arms.

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