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Hiatus Sleeper Bench

Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Trundle style bed easily pulls out from front
  • Front panel of bench has visual cue and inside grip (storage unit versions) for ease of conversion
  • When converted, mattress size is that of a twin size bed constructed using Sure-Chek®, an antimicrobial moisture barrier
  • Upholstery can be specified with high-performing vinyl or 100% silicone based materials

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  • 7" of 2.5 lb density, 35 IFD foam creates the sitting surface, suited for up to 3 adults
  • Optional front of bench storage bin
  • Optional USB and 120V power module
  • Compact size with overall depth of Hiatus at 21", including wall-saving bumper

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Design Your Spec
Design Your Spec
Hiatus Sleeper Bench

Please note: List Price is a general estimate and does NOT include fabric grade pricing at this time. For a formal price of the product shown, please request a quote.

Product Story
Hiatus Sleeper Bench

Hiatus sleeper bench is a space-saving sleep-over solution that accommodates the needs of visiting family members and friends, while also supporting the needs of healthcare staff members. Many healthcare facilities are working with limited space within single occupant patient rooms, but family involvement improves outcomes. The Hiatus Sleeper Bench allows specifiers to maximize their space, without compromising visitor comfort or functionality.

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Designer Profile
KI Design Team

KI Design Team

Designed by KI's award-winning design team.

Using human-centered design principles, KI believes the true merit of our product design and the value to our clients is not represented in physical make-up or key features, but rather in how furniture elements and even space planning approaches -- such as Hiatus -- help organizations align their cultural, brand and functional needs within a given setting.

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