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    CafeWay Cafeteria Tables

    Built to withstand the rigors of school cafeterias, CaféWay provides superior durability with safe and easy egress.  Compact.  Mobile.  Versatile. 


    Calida Lounge Chairs

    Calida offers residential warmth and international style, adding a social vibe and a touch of elegance to meeting rooms, private offices, lounges and cafes.


    Calida Occasional Table

    Calida occasional tables seamlessly complement the Calida wood-leg lounge chair to provide a consistent visual aesthetic.

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    Concerto Auditorium Seating

    Concerto® auditorium seating offers contoured comfort and contemporary design. Embrace creative teaching and accommodate students' needs with optional technology support.

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    Connection Zone Benching

    Connection Zone Benching maximizes the square footage of a workspace. Connection Zone's universal design supports the focused work of an individual, serves as a touch-down space for a temporary user and facilitates the collaborative process of a group.

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    Connection Zone Privacy Booth

    Connection Zone Privacy Booths tune out distractions.Each Privacy Booth creates a personal space for those seeking privacy in open andcollaborative environments. Retreat into a privacy bo...

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    Connection Zone Screens

    Freestanding mobile screens with writable surfaces that promote collaboration and facilitate idea sharing.

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    Connection Zone Storage

    Connection Zone Storage creates space efficiency within open environments and supports ad hoc interaction.

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    Connection Zone Wood Leg Conference Table

    Conference tables with wood legs offer a natural appeal and a more residential aesthetic to conference and meeting rooms.

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    Connection Zone Wood Leg Desk

    With trends in biophilic design focusing on the instinctive bond between human beings and organic materials, the wood legs on Connection Zone desks offer a natural appeal and a more residential aesthetic.

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    CPU Holders

    Adjustable CPU holders lift CPU units off the floor to leverage space and keep the CPU safe.


    CrossRoads Library Furniture

    Timeless CrossRoads furniture enhances any setting with its clean, transitional style and understated details.

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    C-Table Personal Worksurface

    The cantilever shape of the C-Table allows it to fit seamlessly with complementary lounge pieces. Use it as a personal worksurface or a place to host a quick meet up.