Sway Collection

A lounge chair that responds to YOU.

Experience the personalized comfort of Sway. The first of its kind, Sway lounge seating breaks free from conventional movement and enables dynamic orbital motion. Move front to back, side to side and everywhere in between with a smooth 360-degree swivel. Instead of a lounge chair that forces you to adapt, Sway adapts to you, responding to your natural body movements to provide superior comfort.

Enjoy your stay in Sway. With intuitive active comfort, Sway features a high back and contoured shape to extend feelings of security and create a cozy retreat for you to relax, work, study or collaborate. Simply sit back to relax, lean forward to focus, or sway to the side to share.

Bring the energy of motion to your space with Sway. Ideal for colleges and universities in lounge areas, libraries, study zones, residence halls, student unions and more, Sway is also a great addition to corporate business environments in breakout lounge areas, regenerative spaces, and 'third space' casual work areas.

The Sway Collection includes a lounge chair, ottoman and occasional table, all of which share the same base profile to create a consistent look.