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MyPlace Lounge Furniture

MyPlace Lounge Furniture MyPlace Lounge Furniture MyPlace Lounge Furniture MyPlace Lounge Furniture MyPlace Lounge Furniture
Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Designed for interaction, yet perfect for escape
  • Available in 24 standard-scale and six junior-scale shapes
  • Configure and reconfigure to create the perfect space
  • Lightweight components are easy to push, roll or carry
  • In-line tables feature dual-sided storage for added convenience

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  • Easy to handle
  • Four base options: concealed glides, poly feet, wood feet, casters
  • Contrasting fabric: 3 options with back; 2 options without back
  • Table elements available in nearly 50 standard laminates

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Please note: List Price is a general estimate and does NOT include fabric grade pricing at this time. For a formal price of the product shown, please request a quote.

Product Story
MyPlace Lounge Furniture

Designed for a range of gathering areas – from small touchdown nooks to large lobbies – MyPlace lounge furniture offers dynamic options for creative configuration within any footprint.

With 24 standard-scale and six junior-scale pieces, MyPlace enables an exceptional range of modular formations. Add rounds, cubes, hexagons or crescents around any formation for conveniently placed single-user seats. Individual square or round tables provide quick touchdown spots, while in-line tables integrate seamlessly within modular seating elements and provide the convenience of dual-sided storage.

Despite its robust appearance, MyPlace lounge furniture features lightweight construction, making it easy to push, roll or carry individual components to your desired location. To meet the needs of high-traffic areas, MyPlace is also extremely durable.

Select from a multitude of design options to make MyPlace uniquely yours. Add contrasting fabrics to lounge seating and select from nearly 50 standard laminates for occasional and in-line tables. Choose from four base options – concealed glides, poly feet, wood feet, casters – to meet the distinct needs of your space.

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Designer Profile
KI Design Team


KI Design Team

The MyPlace Lounge Collection was designed by KI's award-winning design team. The team set out to create a fully-upholstered product that was durable and mobile; that could be flexible and offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. The team wanted to design a product that could be reconfigured in countless ways - to create specific spaces.

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