Doni Collection

Celebrating Color and Comfort

The Dōni seating collection celebrates color and comfort. This comprehensive line of seating, designed by Giancarlo Piretti, offers endless design freedom and the comfort you expect from KI.

Dōni unleashes design possibilities with an extensive palette of materials, colors and base styles that encourage designers to interpret the personality of their clients' spaces with unique seating solutions. Unlimited color options make a statement. Dōni is available in 13 solid and 8 two-tone combinations as standard, but offers custom color matching and personalized color combinations that allow for consistent color themes and organizational branding opportunities. Unique guest chair bases present a fresh look and expanded material offering.

Dōni's 17-degrees of hip articulation and body-conforming curves deliver optimal comfort and lets you embrace Active Design by encouraging movement throughout the day.

Spontaneous, sophisticated, energetic, engaging. Dōni's fluid, modern form ignites visual interest. This comprehensive seating collection offers versatility, visual continuity, and unlimited flexibility of style and function. Dōni works anywhere - destination spaces, blended spaces, third spaces, learning spaces, and more.

The collection includes: four unique guest chairs, three stack chairs, simple-function task chairs, and tandem seating. Plus the Dōni seat is available on KI's award-winning Learn2 classroom seating and on all of KI's fixed seating (Jury Base, Sequence, Single Pedestal, and University).