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Win Your Dream Classroom with Our Inaugural Classroom Makeover Giveaway

December 6, 2022
  • K-12 Education

Calling all teachers! We’re excited to announce an opportunity for you to win the classroom makeover of your dreams.

At KI, we understand teachers know their space and their needs better than anyone else. That’s why we’re launching a classroom furniture giveaway where teachers can use our free Classroom Planner tool to design their ideal space. The winner will get to see their dream classroom come to life!

What You Can Win in our Classroom Makeover

Entries will be accepted for our classroom furniture giveaway starting Monday, January 2 with the deadline to submit your completed classroom design on Friday, January 27. Based on the overall composition and story behind the submissions, we will select nine finalists by mid-February. We’ll then announce three winners and six runners-up by mid-March.

The three winners will each be awarded up to $40,000 of KI furniture of their choosing to bring their classroom to life! Installations will take place around spring break. Runners-up will each receive their choice of ten Imaginasium blips, our lightweight yet durable floor cushions from an up-and-coming furniture collection for young learners, or twenty Ruckus whiteboards.

Discover Classroom Design Tips & Inspiration

Until the entry form opens for our classroom furniture giveaway on January 2, you can familiarize yourself with our Classroom Planner and learn the tips and tricks to designing your dream learning space. We suggest reviewing this step-by-step guide to the Classroom Planner tool to get started. This detailed tutorial video will also help.

Not sure how to approach your unique design? Engage your students in the process! We encourage teachers to host a mini-competition for students to generate ideas within the classroom, or work together as a class by projecting the Classroom Planner tool for all to collaborate.

You can also reflect on how students navigate the space in your classroom. When given time to self-direct their learning, do kids with certain learning styles cluster around one space to collaborate while others cozy up in a corner of the room? What are some of the most creative or unique ways that students have made use of furniture or space in your classroom? Focus on how you would ideally integrate those areas and/or use such spaces as a founcation for your design.

Our K-12 insights and education blogs are also chock-full of inspiration for classroom makeover ideas. Here are just a few posts to get you started:

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our K-12 education case studies to see how other schools have partnered with KI to shape their ideal learning environments.

A Tailor-Made Space for You & Your Students

Students find ways to mold spaces to fit their learning needs and preferences. Imagine what you can accomplish if your classroom was tailored to support student preferences and your teaching style, too.

Have we got you dreaming up the perfect classroom for you and your students? Mark your calendars for January 2 to enter for a chance to win today!

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by Marcus Batista  K-12 Education Specialist

Marcus has worked in the experiential design community and also has six years of experience as a K-12 teacher and operations leader. Based in the Los Angeles area, Marcus supports the KI team on the West Coast. He earned degrees in media studies and childhood education from CUNY Hunter College.


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