Encompass® CAD and Encompass® Specifier Software (E-Spec), U.S. Patent No. 8,065,623, Can. Patent No. 2,589,876

To help make planning and specifying KI products a smooth process, KI has developed and maintains Encompass®, a two-part tool.

Encompass® CAD is AutoCAD® based programming that allows for the accurate and efficient planning of KI’s product lines. The Encompass® CAD drawing is the foundation for generating sales quotations with Encompass® Specifier. If drawings are not required, you can specify your sales quotation using only Encompass® Specifier (E-Spec).

Benefits of using Encompass® software include the following:

  • Accurate quoting and ordering
  • Import/export capabilities of SIF files for integration with other specification/purchasing platforms
  • Automatic notifications regarding changes; download changes via internet connection within 24 hours
  • Free for all users*
  • On-line help, GoToMeeting demonstrations and training sessions available upon request

Request a free download of Encompass CAD and/or Encompass Specifier software.

*To effectively use Encompass CAD, you must have experience with and access to full versions of AutoCAD (not AutoCAD LT) currently supported by AutoDesk. Click here to view minimum requirements for Encompass CAD and Encompass Specifier and Frequently Asked Questions

Revit Symbols-Strive

Looking for individual symbols?
Search for 2D and 3D planning symbols available in DWG or RFA (Revit®) formats,
compatible with a variety of planning and visualization software platforms. 

20/20 Technologies

KI offers 20/20 Technologies CAP Studio and Giza symbols. Download updates for CAP Studio and Giza from the 20/20 Technologies web site.


KI offers ProjectMatrix symbols. Download updates for for ProjectSymbols and ProjectWorkspace from the ProjectMatrix web site.