Case Studies

It’s always inspiring to see how others address the same issues you face on a daily basis: integrating furniture with architecture, addressing space issues, incorporating flexibility and mobility. We’ve collected a library of case studies for you to reference. Whether you need inspiration or information, you can find it here. View the images, read the studies, download a PDF, or share with a colleague or client.

  • Bowling Green State University - Wolfe Center for the Arts

    Bowling Green State University - Wolfe Center for the Arts

    Item # KI-00931
    Bowling Green State University moved to create a new art school that would re-envision its art program. The goal for the reconstruction of Wolfe Center for the Arts was to create an atmosphere of collaboration where students and faculty can come together to not only create art, but learn about it. The space needed to be inspiring while allowing for collaboration and have the ability to support the technology needed to explore art in any form.
  • Colegio Huinganao_Santiago Chile_cover

    Colegio Huinganal Spanish Version

    Item # KI-01052SP

    La expansión a un nuevo edificio proporcionó la oportunidad de diseñar aulas dinámicas y versátiles donde los estudiantes de primaria trabajan juntos en grupos de seis. Esto promueve la atención y el compromiso de los alumnos, lo que en última instancia, hace que el aprendizaje sea más eficaz.

  • Cleveland Convention Center

    Cleveland Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovation

    Item # KI-01035
    Cleveland Convention Center and adjacent Global Center for Health Innovation recently completed a state-of-the-art renovation and expansion with a focus on world-class customer service and sustainability. When selecting furnishings, the centers required versatility, flexibility, and a contemporary aesthetic. They selected KI Opt4 high-density seating and Hub modular seating.
  • Business - Redmond, Washington

    Item # KI-00851
    KI collaborated with the end user and A&D partner to draft a workplace solution that met specific project needs.
  • Homeless Alliance West Town Campus Project Profile

    Homeless Alliance West Town Campus

    Item # KI-00939

    The Homeless Alliance needed quality and rugged durability with a bright and cheerful look. KI proposed proven durable products within their budget guidelines, like Sela, Strive, Versa, Maestro and Intellect Wave seating in fun colors.

  • CaseHistory-AvisonYoung_62

    Avison Young Corporation Case History

    Item # KI-01083

    Avison Young, a commercial real estate services firm, renovated an entire floor of their existing office.  KI's Lightline architectural walls were the ideal solution, offering space-saving sliding glass doors that fit the look Avison Young set out to achieve.

  • Bay Path University cover

    Bay Path University Case History

    Item # KI-74366

    The Phillip H. Ryan Health Science Center at Bay Path University features KI furniture in learning spaces, lounges, break rooms, the cafe, offices, and more.  The center provides a full campus experience and was awarded the Outstanding Design - Common Areas - 2015 American School and University Educational Interiors Showcase.

  • Business - Seattle, Washington

    Item # KI-00852
    What began as a normal Request for Proposal quickly turned into an exercise that challenged KI to make the client's space more flexible, adaptable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Cooper Cancer Center

    Cooper Cancer Center

    Item # KI-01029
    For MD Anderson’s new Cooper Cancer Center building, the team desired furniture with a number of fabric options and applications to create a comfortable, fully-upholstered feel. With unlimited styles and design expressions, KI’s Affina® Collection was the perfect solution.