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No Back, Left Arm
197 approved materials for Hiatus Sleeper Bench  No Back, Left Arm (HILA)
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Armcap Material

Cherry Storm on Beech
Cherry Storm on Beech BCX
Cinnamon on Beech
Cinnamon on Beech BCN
Cocoa on Beech
Cocoa on Beech BCA
Eclypse Black on Beech
Eclypse Black on Beech BEB
Florence Walnut on Beech
Florence Walnut on Beech BFC
Glacier White
Glacier White TGE
Kensington Maple on Maple
Kensington Maple on Maple MMA
Monticello Maple on Beech
Monticello Maple on Beech BMT
Natural on Beech
Natural on Beech BNA
River Cherry on Beech
River Cherry on Beech BRY
Seamless Surface
Seamless Surface PFAC