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As a trusted market resource, we furnish more than furniture. We furnish knowledge. From trends in workplace design to research on learning environments, our blog offers an avenue for real-world insights, product information, design inspiration and more. Subscribe to receive the latest updates in your inbox.

The Shift from Wellness to Well-Being in the Workplace  November 30, 2021

In the modern workplace, employers must consider both wellness and well-being in order to support a healthier, happier workforce.


by Jonathan Webb 

Latest Posts

November 16, 2021 Colleges Have Complex Needs. Here’s How to Simplify on Campus. 

We’re witnessing colleges design environments that can address a divergent array of activities on campus. Let’s take a look at some of those spaces and how to create them.  

by Bryan Ballegeer Education Market VP
November 10, 2021 How to Shift to a Hybrid Work Model: A Conversation with Cooper Carry 

Jonathan Webb, KI's Workplace Market Director, sat down with Brian Parker, principal at design firm Cooper Carry, to discuss the transition to being back in the office under a hybrid work model with a new, fluid floor plan.  

by Jonathan Webb Workplace Market Director
October 26, 2021 Make Sure Your Classroom Works Hard So Students Can Play Hard 

We believe playtime is for students of all ages. With that in mind, here are a few ways educators can harness the power of play in the classroom.  

by Emily McGinnis K-12 Education Specialist
October 18, 2021 It’s Finally Time to Draw on the Walls 

We learn as kids that taking crayons or markers to a bare wall is an absolute no-no. At KI, we’ve long wanted to indulge our inner child -- and draw all over the walls.  

by Ryan Usiak Architectural Wall Operations VP
October 1, 2021 KI at NeoCon 2021: What You’ll Want to See 

We’re thrilled to gather once again at the Mart for NeoCon 2021. We’ve pulled together five things you’ll definitely want to see this year in our showroom.  

by KI Furniture
September 27, 2021 Outgrowing a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Corporate Training 

We’re witnessing an evolution in training. Through years of research with academic and field experts, we’ve identified three main training methodologies and the best furniture solutions to support them.  

by Jonathan Webb Workplace Market Director
September 21, 2021 Four Furniture Challenges Facing Colleges 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common campus design problems and explore how to solve them when you “Think KI.”  

by Bryan Ballegeer Education Market VP
September 7, 2021 3 Ways Higher Ed Can Prepare Gen Z for the Workplace 

Let's explore three of the most critical skills employers look for when hiring recent graduates and how college environments can support their development.

by Bryan Ballegeer Education Market VP
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