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  • Arketype


    Item # KI-00706
    Designed within the building of a renovated church, the Arketype advertising agency required its office spaces to be functional and distinctive with a contemporary edge. KI used Genius architectural wall and various collaborative furniture solutions to provide beautiful yet highly functional workspaces perfectly suited for the agency’s creative team concept.
  • Associated Press

    Associated Press

    Item # KI-00578R1
    In order to meet the needs of more than one billion people who check their news each day, the Associated Press headquarters had an aggressive six-month time frame for delivering a new workplace design. KI worked with the design firm to deliver a custom desking solution that cleanly manges data, offers adjustability and provided privacy with a minimal number of SKUs.
  • Business - Cupertino, Ca

    Business - Cupertino, California

    Item # KI-00909
    KI provided a modern furniture solution to integrate with the interior architecture of the existing building. With special attention, KI blended movable wall, systems, and a variety of loose furniture throughout the space with similar color and style options to create a clean, consistent aesthetic.
  • Business - Greenwich, Connecticut

    Item # KI-00847
    In order to accommodate Genius movable walls in a space with many architectural curves, KI designed a floor plan with the use of a special measuring program using lasers and predetermined points. The end results were not only visually pleasing but also blended beautifully within the existing structure. 
  • Business - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Business - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Item # KI-00835
    KI expertly provides solutions for movable walls that blend within existing spaces. For this particular installation, KI’s Genius® architectural walls were designed with matching architectural details for existing color standards for veneer trim as well as existing light fixtures. Glass transoms were also installed to provide an ample amount of natural light, which allowed the customer to minimize its light fixtures throughout the space.
  • Business - New York, New York

    Business - New York, New York

    Item # KI-00834
    To create an attractive area that flowed within an existing space of multiple ceiling heights and custom finishes, KI’s Genius® architectural walls were specifically engineered with horizontal and vertical glass panels and transitions using multiple custom finishes to give the space a remarkable look and feel while blending beautifully within the existing structure.
  • Business - Palo Alto, California

    Business - Palo Alto, California

    Item # KI-00859
    To fulfill the need for a seamless design flow with curves and arches, KI designed a floor plan for its Genius architectural wall using thinline panels and plate glass doors that curve and flow to create an aesthetically pleasing, effortless-looking environment.
  • Business - Redmond, Washington

    Item # KI-00851
    KI collaborated with the end user and A&D partner to draft a workplace solution that met specific project needs.
  • Business - San Francisco, California

    Item # KI-00864
    KI provided a great solution for this business with the use of Genius architectural wall. By utilizing glass panels around the perimeter of the office space and solid panels on the interior, Genius wall solved the need for a free-standing, structurally-sound work area. KI also custom engineered a top cap to satisfy the city's structural calculations for stability. 
  • Business - Seattle, Washington

    Item # KI-00852
    What began as a normal Request for Proposal quickly turned into an exercise that challenged KI to make the client's space more flexible, adaptable and environmentally friendly.