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brickLAB, Inc.

Frisco, Texas

The Building Block of a Better Tomorrow

Mike Jensen believed his business would be a great place for kids and fans of interlocking building bricks. What he didn’t expect was the fundamental impact brickLAB, Inc. would have on some of his customers and their families.

The store was created with an understanding bricks could help develop cognitive and spatial abilities in children and adults, but it was still surprising when parents told him about an overly active child who sleeps better after nightly sessions. Another related how the grades of a student with dyslexia improved after regular visits.

There's more to this than just coming in and playing with the bricks, or even the education aspect. This is very personally helpful to some individuals.

Mike Jensen, President brickLAB, Inc.

Located in Frisco, Texas, brickLAB, Inc. is a makerspace promoting individual creativity and ingenuity in a unique setting. It combines education and entertainment under the tagline “Build Tomorrow Today.”

brickLAB, Inc. offers educational workshops, programs and camps within its lab-like construction areas. Customers can also buy, sell and trade bricks. Professional personnel and equipment assist builders with robotics, stop-motion brickfilms and My Own Creations (MOC)—projects conceived and created from scratch.

A hands-on and interactive environment, the store offers a break from excessive time with personal electronics, which can be detrimental to both children and adults.

Designed with builders and learners in mind, customers are welcomed into the heart of the facility—a bright, open space—by intricate creations and hundreds of thousands of yet-to-be-built projects neatly sorted into 13 categories housed in custom-made metal cabinets.

With gray and black as the primary colors, brickLAB, Inc. was drawn to the brilliant poppy red offered in the Ruckus line. The team liked the color so much that door frames, air ducts and accents around the store were painted and powder coated a matching shade of red.

The furniture really became an integral part. Once we had it chosen, we took the color and used it across the rest of the store. Our customers are really responding to it. The Ruckus work table is absolutely brilliant.

Mike Jensen, President of brickLAB, Inc.

A makerspace like brickLAB, Inc. is optimized for the Ruckus collection. Designed around mobility, flexibility and storage, the chairs, stools and work tables let users easily transition between individual and group work.

With clear sightlines and easy access, the Ruckus work table provides a communal setting encouraging collaboration and interaction. The table and stools offer users the option to sit or stand while building and the height of the table brings subject matter closer to eye level for increased hands-on engagement. Ruckus work tables can be moved and combined with other KI tables to create an expanded area for large-scale projects.

The markerboard surface option provides a secondary educational tool where users and employees can sketch designs or solve mathematical equations. Under table storage provides another place to keep tools, projects, educational material and personal belongings.

Adjustable-height WorkUp tables help the business serve customers with special needs. Additional Ruckus chairs and stools are paired with red-trimmed Pirouette tables in private rooms set aside for parties and corporate team building.

Jensen is pleased with the launch of brickLAB, Inc. and the positive impact on customers. With initial success, the business is eyeing future opportunities.

True to its motto, brickLAB, Inc. is where you can “Build Tomorrow Today.”

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