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Sela Family 

With residential influence and mid-century modern elements, Sela provides ease and comfort to reflect that casual lifestyle of today's spaces while still being highly functional.

See It Spec It: Sela Lounge Seating 

Select product styles, options, colors and materials for Sela lounge seating using See It Spec It, an interactive photo-realistic rendering tool.

University of Washington Tacoma 

All areas of the new building needed to be user friendly, functional, and ideal for gathering and community use.

Product Strategy Driven by User Observation at KI 

No matter what industry it's in, product development strategy is central to a company's business strategy - workplace furniture and furnishings included.

Cabot Public Library 

Bright colors and new furniture make the new library look fresh, but the move also enables more access to computers, more seating, more meeting space and more research capabilities.

Nextep Takes Active Design Seriously 

For Webb and his team, the key component to active design is mobility among employees. Nextep embraced the concept and asked KI to take it further.

Four Furniture Challenges Facing Colleges 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common campus design problems and explore how to solve them when you “Think KI.”

How to Support Employee Work Styles After We Return to Work 

Discover design tips for recreating and reinventing work environments as employees return to work that support different work styles.

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