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Explore Tributaire Conference Tables

Tributaire conference tables exude sophistication and professionalism. Available in three shapes with power options to assist with virtual and in-person meetings.

Focusing and Creating

Tributaire conference tables set the stage for productive discussions and strategic decision-making. The flowing lines of the design instill a sense of calm, promoting an environment conductive to focused dialogue and creative thinking.

Key Features

A Table Options
The 29" standard height table is available in three top shapes, including rectangle, boat, and pill.
B Edge Options
Choose from two edge options, including 74P and knife.
C Feet Style
Available with low-profile glides.
D Polished Appearance
Optional polished appearance option for base. Polished appearance base includes matte black painted stringers.
E Optional Power
Available with 3-prong modules and includes wire management.

Product Highlights

Sophisticated Finish Options

The base can be specified with polished appearance, creating a high-end aesthetic, while premium laminate options also complement your unique design vision.

Attractive Angles

The attractive cantilevered base design offers a consistent visual identity across all Conference table shapes and sizes, creating recognizable appeal. Complemented by the I-shaped cross brace, this design ensures unwavering stability for high-profile, high-volume applications.

Elegant Edging

Two edge styles—74P and Knife—give you options for visual distinction. The poly edge band allows you to specify contrasting color options, while the knife edge effuses elegance with a naturally tapered angle all around the Conference table.

Complete Aesthetic Range

Tributaire Collection

With an extensive breadth of line, Tributaire presents a variety of unique table categories and complementary components including credenzas, lecterns, monitor stands, and storage screens. Together, this collection elevates the visual appeal of any environment while offering practical solutions to facilitate presentations and collaborative efforts.

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Shawn Barrett

Through Shawn Barrett’s thoughtful design approach, Tributaire was born from a quest for functional elegance. Drawing inspiration from the graceful movement of water as it naturally flows from a tributary into a larger stream or river, Shawn crafted the table legs of Tributaire with sophisticated extrusions that gracefully cascade into cast aluminum feet. Distinctive features such as inline nesting and toolless ganging not only add practical functionality but also elevate the Tributaire aesthetic to a whole new level.

List Price Starts At

$2,249 –  $8,029

Lead Time

6 Weeks

Product Warranty


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