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Trellis is a simple power and data chase that enables greater workplace freedom.

Fostering Flexibility and Connectivity

Trellis: Empowering modern workplaces. This adaptable system seamlessly supplies power and data to tables and desks, creating dynamic environments that cater to user needs. From collaborative lounges to versatile workspaces, Trellis fosters flexibility and connectivity.


  • Delivers power and data seamlessly to any freestanding table or desking solution
  • Provides structure to environments that frequently flex based on user preference
  • Supports a variety of flexible configurations, including collaborative lounge areas, interactive learning environments and open-plan workspaces with height-adjustable workspaces
  • Accommodates varying levels of user density quickly and efficiently
  • Its simple design supports straight run, 90-degree and 120-degree configurations
  • Lightweight design and uncomplicated kit of parts
  • Easily installed and reconfigured with minimal tools, labor and cost
  • Can be powered by 10-wire or Activ8 system


  • Chase comes in heights of 24" and 30", with the following available widths: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72"
  • Capable of carrying 100 Cat 6 cables or (1) 2.5" diameter bundle of cables
  • Adjoining cases share common feet, therefore chases are secured at the bottom
  • All preconfigured Trellis systems include a top cap of appropriate size, formed of powder-coated 22-gauge cold rolled steel
  • All exposed ends of a chase are covered with an end-of-run trim formed from powder-coated 20-gauge steel
  • US standard electrical system supplied for Trellis is 10-wire electrical system, UL183 listed

List Price Starts At

$54 –  $948

Lead Time

5 Weeks

Product Warranty


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