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Product Story
The innovative PowerUp system makes power and data access easy and discrete. A power module mounts onto a comprehensive variety of training tables, worksurfaces and desking systems. This superior distribution system offers a multitude of power and data access solutions, depending on your needs. PowerUp modules feature an innovative press-and-release cover for ease of opening and closing. Each module encloses one 110-volt duplex receptacle (two power outlets) and two data ports that can be shared by two laptop users. KI's patented design allows data jacks to remain stationary to prevent wear and tear at connections. The PowerUp system offers five levels of componentry based on individual preference and the KI product specified. Central to all levels is the power/data module. There is also a fixed seating solution that provides power/data modules coupled with an 8-wire electrical system, a hard-wired power infeed and wire management with metal power/data dividers. PowerUp modules are UL listed to ensure safety, built to last and backed by a 10-year warranty.

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