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Rose Patient Chair

Rose Patient Chair
Product Overview

Features & Highlights

  • Distinctive dynamic motion therapeutically reduces anxiety and promotes circulation and relaxation
  • Mesh seat and back provides air flow that wicks away perspiration, keeps patients cooler and promotes skin integrity
  • Disinfectants cana penetrate mesh fabric all the way through to promote infection control
  • Sleek, contemporary profile with a compact footprint
  • Easily maneuvered with the push bar on the seat back and the rear tilt wheels
  • Optional upholstered seat and back covers are removable and easy to clean or replace with no downtime
  • Select mesh or upholstered seats and back
  • Available with sled base or four-leg

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  • Seat/back frame is constructed of a 1-1/2" wide x 1/4" thick hot-formed truck-grade, alloy spring steel frame, heat-treated and tempered to provide a continuously flexibly frame that responds to user's movements, body shape and size
  • Armrests are constructed of standard 1-1/4" diamater steel tubing, 14-gauge steel with CAL117 polyurethane armcaps mechanically fastened to the arms
  • Metal base is made of heavy-wall 14-gauge steel tubing at 1-1/4" diamater round, electric-welded steel tubing
  • Standard non-marring nylon rear tilt weels are monted off the floor to engage only when the chair is tilted backwards for relocation
  • Weight is 34-36 lbs, depending on whether the chair is low back, mid back, or high back

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Please note: List Price is a general estimate and does NOT include fabric grade pricing at this time. For a formal price of the product shown, please request a quote.

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Product Story
Superior patient comfort. The Rose chair's distinctive dynamic motion therapeutically reduces anxiety and promotes circulation and relaxation.

Cool and dry. Air flow wicks away perspiration and keeps patients cooler. This superior ventilation promotes skin integrity. Mesh is also more sanitary. Disinfectants can penetrate mesh fabric all the way through to promote infection control.

Sleek contemporary profile. Compact footprint. With the emphasis on advanced, soothing healthcare environments, the Rose chair successfully combines good looks with unparalleled therapeutic benefits.

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