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Qi Wireless Power Grommet

Product Story
Qi (pronounced CHEE) Wireless Power Grommet

The desire to remain "connected" via portable electronics has created the need to maintain battery power or risk unwelcome downtime.

Ensuring portable devices are adequately powered usually requires an array of cumbersome charging cables. It also results in the inability to find sufficient numbers of electrical wall sockets or power strips.

Qi provides a convenient, powerful and integrated solution for wireless power. The Qi grommet can be installed virtually anywhere, delivering convenient, wireless charging.

Coupled with Qi-enabled devices, wireless power is transmitted through Qi seamlessly, simply and securely, without charging cables. Qi makes wireless charging a reality, providing convenient power on-the go and the ability to stay connected in the age of portable electronics.The Qi wireless power grommet provides wireless power for any Qi-enabled device and offers secure and seamless integration into work surfaces. Wireless charging is now close at hand.

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